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The Treadway Tire Company Essay

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Transcript of Case study 2: The Treadway Tire Company
Case Study 2 The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant -The IT company in this movie has a terrible employee organization, as well as over pressured managers who tend to hassle lower employees, which causes main Character Peter Gibbons to be highly unsatisfied with his job and sabotage the company
-Retail and Restaurant industry has some of the highest turnover rates. But the retail stores and restaurants that fully train their employees, are flexible and institute a culture that fosters loyalty are the ones that most overcome job dissatisfaction - Balance hiring policy by adhering to 60% ...view middle of the document...

" 25 April 2010. 12 February 2013 .

Office Space. Dir. Mike Judge. Prod. Mike Judge. 1999. Retention cannot be achieved purely through money, on the job factors must be considered when developing a strategic retention plan.

Top management, Ashley Wall, must enthusiastically implement a plan that actually has potential to work and guide Treadway Tire towards higher satisfaction , rather than attempting then soon stopping because of budget faults. This is what will gain support and trust from employees and encourage them to follow her effective vision.
Lack of Respect “Foremen don’t treat us with any respect. They just bark orders and expect us to jump. They don’t seem to understand how hard our job is.” -Select comments from Hourly Employees Lack of Adequate Training "A lot of our foremen are put on a line before they have enough knowledge. The general supervisors expect them to just sink or swim." - Salaried Personnel Manager, Robert Henry Brainstorming
Related Examples Ashley Wall's Recommended Plan How change can be successfully introduced in the Workplace? ways to decrease employee turnover and dissatisfaction at the Lima Tire plant Are these the answers I would give for every industry? It depends! Each industry has different norms and standards for employee satisfaction. Not all of...

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