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Q 2.1 Explain the role of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector 2
Role of the Government in Tourism 2
Role of the government bodies 4
Roles of International Agencies 5
United Nations (UN) 6
United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 6
World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) 6
 Driving the Agenda - raising awareness of travel and tourism industry as a revenue generator. 7
 The Facilitator: educating industry participants. 7
 The Networking Forum 7
Q 2.2 Illustrate how local and national economic policy has an effect on the success of the travel and tourism sector 8
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Roles of government in tourism includes
Governments have tended to become involved in tourism because it helps improve the balance of payments, encourages regional development and diversification of the economy, increases revenue, improves income levels and creates employment. The following are some of the most important roles of the government in tourism:
 Passing laws and formulating policy affecting tourism
This may include laws about national tourism organizations, and also general economic and regulatory policies that affect tourism
 Setting up government administrative bodies to regulate tourism
These are state institutions responsible for policy advice and implementation, like the Ministry of Tourism in India. They are also often concerned with promotion of tourism. Other responsibilities of state regulatory bodies for tourism include: research, information and promotion within the country, publicity overseas, regularization of standards of lodgings and restaurants, control of private travel agencies, technical and juridical problems, international relations, development of selected tourist areas, and overall tourism policy and promotion.
 The judiciary and law enforcement
Even though these are not directly connected with tourism, they play a role in interpreting and implementation of laws affecting tourism, like those concerning environmental protection. The police and law enforcement agencies maintain law and order, which is essential for tourism.
 The structure and philosophy of the government
Whether the government is federal or unitary, and whether it is involved in commercial activity or not, affects the tourism industry.
 Other regulatory and non-commercial statutory bodies
Aviation and transport boards, labour boards, and regulatory bodies for hotels and resorts, are important in formulating policies which may affect tourism. Other bodies like political parties, trade unions, and industry associations, may also affect tourism with their decisions.
 Coordination
This is the most important job of the government. The government needs to coordinate within various levels of its own bodies, as well as with the private sector, to avoid duplication of resources and conflicts over objectives
 Planning
The government may plan for development, infrastructure, promotion and marketing of tourism; it may plan for structures to regulate tourism, and it may plan the scale of tourism in a destination. Planning helps to coordinate demand and supply, and also environmental, economic and social considerations. It helps control some of the negative effects of tourism.
 Legislation and regulation
Government laws on passports, visas, international transport agreements, industry regulatory laws, taxation policy, and environmental protection rules, directly affect the tourism industry
 As entrepreneur
Most governments provide infrastructure for tourist development - roads and sewage, for example. Some governments are also...

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