The Translation Of The Exported Commodities

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The Translation of the Exported Commodities
The translation of trademark is a very complicated work. The exported commodities are the windows to show the national culture to the other countries. In the five thousand years' long history, China has kept up its fine tradition, and also it has bequeathed much culture tradition. So when we do the translation of the Chinese trademark, two things we must pay special attention.

1.1.1 Keeping national feature
First, we must consider the specialties and try to keep their own national color. For example, many names of commodities in our country are connected with some mountains, rivers and interests. If ...view middle of the document...

For example, British people don't like elephant. They like bear instead. Italian and spainese are fond of rose. They don't have good feeling of chrysanthemum .Lotus, fox and badger are taboo to the Japanese people. They like cherry, tortotise and duck. Russian think that yellow rose means not lucky and it break off relations. However, French people and Belgium regard walnut, peacock and chrysanthemum as unlucky things. The design of dog are taboo in some north affrica countries. Pig and dog are also not welcomed in Islamic countries.
In Chinese, "喜鹊" has the meaning of "reporting the coming of spring and happy". In English "magpie"(喜鹊) gives us the association of jaw and prolixity. In English "ram" not only has the meaning of "公羊" but also has the meaning of collision. So the bicycle named with "ram" unavoidably will give people the feeling of go on rampage. Almost for the same reason, in Chinese, "凤凰"represents "lucky and beauty", in English, phoenix meanings rebirth. It gives them the feeling of waking up from death.
"WHITE ELEPHANT" translated from "白象", is regarded as rubbish in western country. Another example, "dragon" is always the symbol of riches ,honors,power,authority and luck in the several thousands years' history in China. It is one of the most respectable animals to all the Chinese. There are many Chinese idioms and stories are about dragon. All the things linked with dragon are good and righteous. However,in western countries, most countries look dragon as the embodiment of evil and disaster. Let's have a suppose, if we Chinese people don't know the culture difference between us and western countries, and we use "WHITE ELEPHANT" or "DRAGON" as the brands of some of our products which will be exported to foreign countries. What kind of effects we will get? I think we all know it. That is also a shame to our Chinese.

1.2.2 Different lucky colors
To colours, different places also have different interests. For example, blue is taboo to Belgium. They think blue is not a lucky color. Japanese don't like green which Indians like it very much. Turkey people don't like the combination of different colors.

1.2.3 Different lucky words
Also different countries have different fancies to different words. According to the investigation, Japanese like the Chinese words "诚" "梦" "爱" "想" "美", and so on. Chinese like woeds "福" "寿" "喜" "乐" and so on. According to Irving Wallace, an American writer, the most beautiful English words are chime(串铃), golden(金色的), lullaby(摇篮曲), melody(旋律),murmuring(低语)

1.3 Some translated term may have some unexpected meaning in another languge
1.3.1 Different meaning in different language
In some distance, the brand directly influences the prospect of the commodities. So the producer try...

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