The Transitioning Workplace Essay

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The Transitioning Workplace
Today the internet is always virtually at a person’s fingertips and constantly advancing shifting society socially, culturally, and economically. Internet in the workplace has become the next step in a trend of naturalized technology advancement much like the car, television, and cell phones (International Journal of Management & Marketing Research, 2013). Adjustments to how business is conducted are largely contributed to how much and how the internet is utilized in the workplace. With the internet becoming more commonplace in the workforce it has brought about several advantages, disadvantages, and policy ...view middle of the document...

This has led to a loss of clarity breaking down the ability to read and verify the message is conveyed and understood correctly upon receipt. Network failure and data corruption will have a larger effect in workplaces that are accustomed to using the internet for daily functions. Errors happen and dependency can led to timely restarts or reboots to reach a sustainable and efficient work flow. In recent years many employers have seen non-work related internet usage as a potentially serious problem despite the advantages of internet usage. This usage in the workplace is broken down to minor and major issues such as the checking of personal emails, news and weather sites, or personal banking to the more severe items such as gambling sites, illegal downloading, and adult sites (Saraç, & Çiftçioğlu, 2014). Time management and the work ethic become personnel factors when dealing with misuse of the internet.
Finally addressing the advantages and disadvantages are measurements put in place dictating how the internet evolves the workplace. Policies and security measures sway how the work environment adapts and handles issues. The translation between how the security of computers works and how users believe they work are not exactly identical in a large amount of cases (Shields, Gibson, & Smith, 2013). Limiting, restricting, and monitoring usage in the workplace are measurements to ensure proper and efficient use. Policy guidelines can not infringe on employee’s rights but must ensure that things flow efficiently. Security factors physically and virtually. Measurements in place can...

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