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The Tragic Sense Of Damage Essay

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Karagoz 1
Directed by Louis Malle in 1992, Damage is the movie which is based on the novel of Josephine Hart.The sequence of novel’s publish year as 1991 and movie’s year as 1992, clearly shows how novel has a great impact with its extra-ordinary plot that away from conventional marital relationships and betrayal stories.The movie centers on an obsessive sexual affair between Dr.Stephen Fleming (Jeremy Irons) and Anna Barton(Juliette Binoche).The fact that Anna is the girlfriend of Martyn, Stephen’s son, makes this secret affair a hell situation for their lifes.The couple has an intense chemistry or animalistic sexual gratification to each other.In a ...view middle of the document...

“Id” the fundamental level dominates the deepest part of us.In a sense, id is our primary part.It is free from values goog or bad without morality.It can be implied that id is the puresthidden side of a person.The primary instincts are named as Eros, that direct us to gain pleasure.Because, this is the circle of life and man is a part of nature.Accepting this fact, Freud claims that id creates the pleasure principle.In needs of fulfilling pleasure, individual feelst the necessity of freedom.Though the pleasure faces with reality principle.For Freud, the two are completed by force.In other words, reality is the conditions, circumstances which are perceived in our social life.These circumstances are sort of compulsions, rules and organised life by family and authorities.In the movie, it’a rather clear that Stephen Fleming’s basicly iner attraction to Anna Barton stems from the need of manly peasures.In order to hide the sexual temptation from environmentsuch as family, business,the instincts clash with reality principleas Freud states.Due to the limitation, the process of pleasure of individual is delayed.This is also expressed by Freud as “delayed satisfaction.”
Karagoz 2
Upon Freudian theories, Herbert Marcuse’s conribituons are quite enlightening for discovery of self sexuality.In “ Eros and Civilization” , Marcuse interprets Freudian ideals with his additional comments.Owing to the external reality, iner instincts are already delayed.Whereas the process is blocked. This stream is transformed into the Nirvana Principle as the highest level of pleasure.Leading factors are exposed as “life” and “death”. The death instinct is increased by the life at the final stage.The destructive impulse is completely observed in the sexual affair of Stephen and Anna while the others are unaware of it.Because of the social oppressions of their life, couple only fulfills the sexual temptation.In the scenes,They seem without much affection, lack of compassion to each other.Theirs is like animalistic desires that are needed to be provided at the same time.They only want what they feel and what they desire.So, the sex is the Nirvana principle or a destrucitve force. “The Damage” is given to Ingrid and Mark who was killed by seeig what he would not excpect to see.The bitter fact damaged Mark and the death level is completed by Stephen’s and Anna’s life instinct.
In addition, Camilla Paglia’s theory...

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