The Title Of This Essay Is Pubic Lice. It Explains The Causes Of It, Its Effects, And Different Studies About This Std

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Every year, millions of people treat themselves for pubic lice. Pubic Lice is an STD caused by a small, light brown, flat, wingless insect called Phthirus pubis. It looks like a crab and so the STD is also called "crabs" or "cooties". This is because the insect has claws like a crab, which it uses to hold on to the pubic hair. The insect likes to feed on blood. Pubic lice occur when adult lice lay eggs, called nits, on the hair shaft close to the skin. The egg, which is white and shiny, requires 7 to 10 days to hatch. A typical infestation is by less than a dozen lice. The main symptom of pubic lice is slight ...view middle of the document...

But, sexual contact is the most common way to get it so all those who are sexually active are at a much higher risk.Lice may be treated easily with special creams, lotions or shampoos, which are available at a drugstore. Ask the pharmacist for help, and then follow the directions carefully. If you don't treat lice, you may get a skin infection that will require a visit to a doctor and you might transmit pubic lice to sexual partners and household members.If you suspect someone or something is infested with crabs, avoid contact. Use caution in sharing towels, clothing, bed sheets, sleeping bags, etc. Do not scratch the area because you may carry the lice to other parts of your body covered by hair. If you have pubic lice, be sure to tell your sex partners. Anyone with whom you have had close contact or who has shared your bed sheets, clothes or towels should be treated, even if they don't have an itch or rash.Sexual Health Clinics give free and confidential treatment for all sexually transmitted diseases. They can also provide information about how to stay healthy and avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual Health Clinics are a service of your hospital. Look in the front of the telephone book for the service nearest you. Your doctor, gynaecologist, urologist or Family Planning Clinic can also help.

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