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Islam / places
Islamic Places: The Muslim World

Holy Cities of Islam

Sacred places in Islam, like Mecca and Medina, are very important. These cities are important in Islamic history, in part because they were important in the life of Muhammad. Because of this, these places are also important to present-day Muslims.

Most of Islam's sacred places are in the Middle East, specifically the Arabian Peninsula. However, as can be seen in the map the area of ancient Mesopotamia (dark green) and northern Africa are important to in Islam as well even though they are not as equally sacred as places like Mecca and Medina.

The most sacred place in Islam is the Ka'ba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. ...view middle of the document...

Sunni and Shia
Comparison Chart

5. Introduction to Islam
6. Afterlife in Islam

7. Islam Facts

8. Mecca

9. Islam Timeline

10. Allah

What countries in the world have the highest percentage of Muslims?

Top 50 Muslim Countries by Percentage of Muslims
Notable Mosques

Al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem
Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt - the mosque university is the foremost school of Sunni Islam
Al-Hakim Mosque - one of the largest Fatimid mosques in Cairo, Egypt
Ar-Rifaye Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India - now destroyed and a site of recent violence between Muslims and Hindus
Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan
Bajrakli Mosque in Belgrade, Serbia - burned in 2004 after ethnic violence
Dome of the Rock (Masjid Al Sakhrah) in Jerusalem - technically a shrine, not a mosque
Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan
Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, destroyed in 1993
Great Mosque of Djenné in Djenné, Mali
Ground Zero Mosque, New York City
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey - was a mosque from 1453 until 1934; is now a museum
Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco
Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar, People's Republic of China

Star and Crescent

See more Symbols of Islam
Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf, Iraq - the holiest Shi'ite mosque
Isabey Mosque in near Izmir, Turkey

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