The Three Gorges Dam Essay

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How would you feel if the government decided to build a dam to produce electricity which was scarce in the region you live in and you and your family had to move?

This is what families who live in the area of the Yangtze River are facing every day because of the Three Gorges Dam project. There have been arguments about the dam project. Economists think it is a great idea, yet the conservationists think it will ruin the environment. The hydro-electric dam will mostly benefit people living in big cities, as it will produce eighty-four billion kilowatts of power, but by building a gigantic dam across the river will destroy significant historic places and affect all the people living along ...view middle of the document...

It is not a good idea to flood so many people’s heritage and lives.

Another bad point about the three gorges dam project is that it is going to effect the environment. The Yangtze River is home to the Yangtze River dolphin, it is only found in the Yangtze. The dolphins are on of the most endangered animals in the world, with only three hundred left in the world. Environmentalists worry that the project will possibly kill off all the dolphins. Yangtze is also home to approximately 196 native fish species. Some of the native species water certain level and temperature. The building of the dam will reduce water temperature and raise the water in flooding season. This would mean that some native fish species may disappear. Not only will the aquatic population decrease but the species on the land in large forests will also become affected. Most of the land along the Yangtze will be flooded. Most of the endangered species would have a high chance of becoming extinct.

Thirdly, there has been a lot of dispute with the dam project and it is hurting so many lives. China could build dams along two different river systems. Experts argue that the Jinsha Jiang River would be a more suitable idea compared to the Three Gorges Dam project. This...

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