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The Three Encounters Of Newcorp Essay

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The Three Encounters 1

The Three Encounters of NewCorp

Pamela A. McCullough

University of Phoenix

The Three Encounters 2

The Three Encounters of NewCorp

FastServe Inc. is a 25 million dollar branded sports Apparel Company with an employee
roster of 350 people working in the company in direct marketing. The company has two online
marketing and distribution channels which they opened up for boys and girls. They now moved
10 percent of the workforce to manage the online distribution. In the simulation it states that
technology began to pose problems for FastServe Inc. soon after the website went live.
FasteServe inc. wanted their target audience to be ...view middle of the document...

The Three Encounters 3

The first case is about a manager who relocated his family and was terminated. Pat can
sue NewCorp for unlawfully terminating him and relocating him and his family. NewCorp have
no rights in this case because Pat was wrongfully terminated. NewCorp hired Pat as a manager
and his job responsibility was for activities related to maintaining leased office space,
supervising 51 employees and lower-level supervisors, and deal with tenants who leased
commercial space. He did nothing wrong within his job description that would cause him to be
terminated. Although he signed the notice of unsatisfactory performance/corrective action
plan, his job performance was never unsatisfactory. Also in the company handbook it states, “If
the job performance of an employee is unsatisfactory, the employee will be notified of the
deficiency and placed on a corrective action plan. If the employee’s performance does not
improve to a satisfactory level in the specified period of time, termination will follow”
(University of Phoenix, Law 531, NewCorp Scenario). Pat never had any complains about his job
performance and was never notified of the deficiency or placed on a corrective action plan
there were no grounds for terminating him. The only reason Pat felt that he was terminated is
because he voiced his opinion at a meeting which was not associated with NewCorp. A senior
manager was there to witness it but no one else knew who Pat was and what company he
worked for. Therefore what he said should not have been a big deal at least not to terminate
him. Pat can also sue NewCorp for a severance package and unemployment until he can find
another job because he relocated to work specifically for NewCorp and not only did he
relocated but his family relocated also. This relocating also made a two income family home
become a one income family home because his wife had to quit her job. The legal
recommendation is that NewCorp give Pat a nice severance package which will include benefits
such as healthcare for him and his family for up to a year or until he can find another job.
The Three Encounters 4
The second case is about an employer who chose to have a personal relationship with an
employee and when the employee broke off the relationship, the employer try to make things
bad for the employee. NewCorp has no rights in this case. Paula can sue NewCorp for sexual
harassment and discrimination because Sam who is her supervisor had a personal relationship
with her and became bitter when she decided to end the relationship. Since Sam did not want
to end the relationship he decided to make her job difficult. Because of the behavior that he
portrayed, Paula knows that Sam is discriminating against her which caused her to ask him to
stop unwelcomed behavior. Sam suggested that her work was suffering due to lack of interest
because she stopped dating him which prompted her to ask...

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