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The Third Way And It's Affect On The Development Of Social Policy

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In this essay I will state and explain the various definitions of The Third Way and it’s affect on society. This will include various interpretations of the term Third Way from varying schools of thought. I will then concentrate on and expand on the Third Way approach adopted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. This essay will mainly consist of three main topics and will end with my conclusion/summary. The tree areas will consist of ( 1.Introduction ansd interprations of the Third Way ,2 an explanation of social policy and its affect on society including for example ,feminism domestic violence and teen & ...view middle of the document...

I will close my essay with a summary and a conclusion as well as suggestions to remedy or decrease the affects of the damaging issues

I will begin by demonstrating three interprations of the Third Way Two examples were drawn from the website below and the 3rd example is taken from Alcock P. interpration from his book Social Policy.I will focus on and expand on this interpretation in the last paragraph on this subject..

Website,, accessed on 17/11/05 gave 9 definitions. This next paragraph will address two of them;

“Benito Mussolini often described facism as the Third Way between Capitalism and socialism. In that vein, there is a modern neo-fascist movement known as the International Third Position or Third Positionists. There is also a related form of anarchism known as National anarchism”
“The Third Way is also used to describe Jesus’ way of dealing with conflict. Instead of fight or flight, Wink W writes, about this third alternative, Righteouness, which levels the playing field between aggressor and victim, creditor and debtor, etc”.

In this third and final example of the Third Way I will focus on and explain Labour governments’ interpretation and adaptation of the Third Way into British society. Tony Blair was very heavily influenced by Ex American President Bill Clintons’ Third Way political views whose philosophy was Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. Basically speaking Clinton was advocating that American citizens become more active independent. Blair then echoed those words by stating the British people “work is the best route out of poverty. I would beg to differ. Introducing tax credit for example is a way to encourage people back to work as well as new deal for the over 50s yet the minimum hourly rate for an adult of working age is a measly £5.05. Council tax charges are increasing yearly, the cost of living is steadily rising and the gap between rich and poor is for ever rising. Blair can boast about “over 1.5 million working people are better off thanks to the national minmum wage” and militant in changing their immediate circumstances, community which would the n have a positive knock on affect on society on a whole.. I will also give a brief explanation of the essence of the political beliefs of theand,Conservative and Liberal parties’ view points in order to enlighten the understanding of the reader of this essay to enable or to demonstrate my personal understanding of what the other two political parties stand for. According to the Chambers dictionary, the word conservative means to have a “disposition and tendency to preserve what is established. Another example states, “an opposition to change the habit of mind or conduct. The Conservatives focus on enterprise & opportunity, believe in personal freedom, choice, community, safety & stability. During Thatcherism age, She her msg...

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