The Thinks Guide To God. (This Is Rubbish I Did It When I Was 15)

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The thinkers guide to God caught my attention as I thought it could challenge me and the way I think about the world. This book also had very good reviews.

Personally I didn’t believe in one religion, I believed each religion has very good views. And they aren’t all that much different.

While reading the first chapter I enjoyed the detail they went into when analysing the paintings. I would never have look so deeply into the paints and opened my mind into the small feature with such a big point and meaning behind them.
I enjoyed reading Aristotle’s views on god. I liked the fact that Aristotle and Plato both have different views and both of which have good points. After learning they ...view middle of the document...

Plato believes that soul has unlimited use, but I prefer the Buddhist view how we are able to move into different ‘portals’ depending on our pervious lifes but I believe that we are tested through lives and after learning life lesson we are able to steal in paradise.
The view of the ancient Egypt is very fascinating the idea of being ka, shadowing human life.
While reading ‘Buddhism and reincarnation’ I tried to imagine what to would be like in the gap between being dead and the soul moving into a new body. I see it to be the nothing of non existence or a pause in life. The one thing I don’t under in the Buddhist section is how do you prepare for death? How do you practice freedom? I don’t think we should prepare because we will be missing out on the experiences of life, although they are not all good.
The point that if you believe there is life after death, you will act differently to those that don’t is true, after all you are going to want to live a good life in order to get a better one net time. But if you don’t you are going to not care what you do in this life. Though reading the chapter I have begun testing myself a lot, I even tried to see if I have to power of a sixth sense, telepathy or the ability to move objects, but my favourite ‘activity’ I try was on near-death experiences I tried to clear my mind and feel for sprits of people I know of which had pasts away around me, I also attempted to try and leave my body (even though I didn’t know how), this didn’t work.

If there was a god I think he would be ‘deists’ as I don’t think he crated war, we did, each person is responsible not one person, I don’t think he could be able...

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