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The Theme Of Political Strife Essay

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The theme of Political Strife in Orwell’s 1984
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Orwell’s 1984 is another masterfully done piece of work that captures the political scenario across the world. Having written it in 1964, the book foretells the political events of the coming 1984 generations. This is a purely prophetic book that is inspired by Orwell’s sharp observation and political analytical skills. In this book, the life of the characters is purely determined by the political happenings of the time. (Bloom, 2007). Many literary and political analysts have found ...view middle of the document...

To begin with, a dictatorial kind of political system is evident in the story. The existence of The Party as a dictatorial political organisation sparks off heated reactions from the community, though they are at no liberty to decide on what to do. The Big Brother’s style of rule can be associated with words such as...desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces....” (Orwell, 1964, p16). This is a reflection of a totally dictatorial system of governance that puts political strife ahead of any other priorities that the people in this nation have. When Orwell presents these happenings, he is merely trying to capture the fragments of bad deeds that leaders all over the world execute and lump them together in this state. The words that go “The past was dead, the future was unimaginable...” (Orwell, 1964 p28) captures the pessimism embroidered in this type of leadership. It is like creating a one stop shop of dirty sceneries associated with the world of dictatorship.
When Orwell creates the theory of Thought Crime and Thought Police, he excellently brings out a clear picture of how the people are at the helm of getting perished as a result of the political system. (Walker, 2011). Winston, for instance is forced to commit thought crimes in a hiding (Orwell, 1984) even though he is still being monitored by the Thought Police.
Political strife is takes dominance over any other aspect of life when the reader learns that there is nothing like love that can develop in this nation. Julia, for instance is used to use a note written on “...I love you” (Orwell, 1964, p138) in order to lure Winston since any love affair is not allowed among party members. This is what forces Winston to keep his love affair with Julia as secretly as possible, though he ends up being caught by the spies. (Orwell, 1964). The formation of a group known as Junior Anti-Sex League (Orwell, 1964) is a demonstration that there was no human growth indented for in this society. The fact that the group had an idea of having members get impregnated through artificial insemination is tantamount to treating human beings like animals. The denial of sexual relationship among Party members is also an indication of a society that is suffocating due to unfair politics. It is said in the story...when you make love, you use energy....they want you to be bursting with energy all the time...” (Orwell, 1964, p167).
Political strife is also notable through perpetuated wars against other neighbouring states. The fact that Oceania goes to war with Eurasia, one of the superpowers while it is allied with Eastasia and later goes to war with Eastasia while allied to Eurasia is a demonstration of how the leaders are such war mongers. Insistence on war clearly puts citizens of any country at stake since they are the subjects of death. (Brodeur, 1995). These are some of the reasons that lead to the formation of rebel parties such as the Brotherhood. (Orwell, 1964). The fact that there is war also...

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