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The Theme Of Isolation Essay

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The Theme of Isolation

In the novel Winesburg, Ohio, written by Sherwood Anderson, one of the most reoccurring themes is isolation. The idea of loneliness is conveyed by Anderson though out majority of his stories. At the time that Anderson is writing Winesburg, he had completely abandoned his wife and three children a few years earlier. He left for Chicago to pursue his career in writing. I imagine this change from a full home life to a single bachelor had some effects on his writing. He writes about loneliness because that was one of Anderson’s biggest fears. We can draw this conclusion due to the fact he had three different wives in his life. Sadly however they all ended in divorce ...view middle of the document...

George is one of the only communications to the real world that Wing has because of this event. Not only does he have the whole town against him but he cannot make new friends because he cannot hold still. Wing spends all of his time alone in isolation waiting and hoping for George to come visit, which he does not show up. Although nothing significant happens Anderson still is reinforcing the idea of isolation in small town America.
Not only is there a theme of physical isolation with the characters but Winesburg, Ohio is filled with people who are emotionally isolated. In the short story “Mother” there is a serious communication problem between Elizabeth Willard and her son George. Elizabeth is an incredibly unhappy person due to the fact she never got to live out her dreams. Instead she puts all her hope into her son. When George finally confronts her about moving away and following his dreams she wants to cry with joy. But the two are too embarrassed to express their true feelings openly. George’s plans for departure bring mixed emotions to Elizabeth. His departure ensures that he will leave his mother virtually alone. Stuck in a loveless marriage with a man she does not like and has even gone as far as pictured killing. Although she is losing her son Elizabeth truly wants the best for George and in ultimately happy for him. She has given up her dreams in hopes that George can accomplish his. Elizabeth’s life now becomes one of mental isolation against everyone around her.
In The Philosopher we meet an interesting character. Doctor Parcival is an old middle aged doctor who has never seen much work but an odd reason never lacked money. He seems to be one of the unhappiest Grotesque in this novel. He looks at the world with extreme hatred. He seems to be the loneliest person in the book. His overwhelming hatred for the town goes...

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