The Theme "Fraud" In Huckleberry Finn, By Mark Twain

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What could be one of the worst ways to make money? It would be something that would deceive human trust and beliefs and use it for doing fraud. In the story Huckleberry Finn, two people use fraud for living; "Dauphin (Luis XVII)" and the "Duke of Bridgewater." Dauphin, commonly called as the "king," is a man is in the seventies, bald-headed with gray whiskers. The other person, introduced as the "duke," is in the thirties. These two materialistic con-artists use their sagaciousness to deceive people's trust and earn money.The first fraud we see is the fake medicine. These frauds made an ...view middle of the document...

The King alone deceived the townspeople of Pokeville on a revival day. The king uses this to go up to the stage to introduce himself as a pirate in the Indian Ocean. He tells the people that the speech made him regret about his past, and he adds that he needs some donation to help his people to convert to "good" ones like what happened to him. Because the townspeople were obsessed by the spirit of repentance, the donation was collected immediately, which was worth over eighty-seven dollars.Last but not the least, the two frauds become the fake Harvey Wilks and William Wilks, the brother of the rich Peter Wilks. By the townspeople's sympathy over the death, they were easily believed to be the real ones and try to steal the inheritance of the Wilks, which were about $6000. This failed mainly because Huck helps the three-orphaned sisters and the real Wilks appear.Using fraud, these two con artists earned money easily in few days. Still, they deceived the innocent townspeople each time they did it. Even though there is no direct effect of their actions, their wrongdoing would eventually pay off the price for misusing human trust. Maybe lies are necessary, for example, Huck tells a lie to the slave traders to save a life of his best friend Jim. But when this is used in a bad way, it produces dishonesty and distrust in the society. Therefore, people like the "king" and the "duke" should be arrested and punished.

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