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The Terminal Essay

1051 words - 5 pages

Ethnography Scoring Guide – Also use this to guide the development of your pieces
Interviews: 3 Generations
You will be assessed on the thoroughness of the interviews you conduct with your family members (or historical research if you cannot contact all members of your family). Full marks will be earned if the interview questions or interview summary covers most aspects of questions provided and the responses recorded have enough depth to provide sufficient data for the other parts of the assignment.
• Presentation is formatted according to instructions
▪ Indication whether responses are: __verbatim ___ summaries of conversations ___provided by a parent
• Q & A ...view middle of the document...

Reveals very little |
| |2. Reveals deep understand of |2. Reveals a fundamental |2. Reveals an incomplete |evidence of universal aspects |
| |universal aspects of culture |understanding of universal |understanding of universal |of culture |
| | |aspects of culture |aspects of culture | |
|Presentation/Format |No grammatical or format |Minor grammatical mistakes; |Major grammatical mistakes; |Major grammatical mistakes; |
| |mistakes; amazing |format is neat and clean |format is difficult to read |format detracts from |
| |aesthetically | | |presentation |

Student Name: Block:


Total: __/100 pts

Mapping Family Moves
Illustrates your family’s movements over the last three generations, including:
• A clear and prominent title
• Approximate dates of each move made
• Labels indicating ___country___city__continent__oceans
• A legend/key to explain the meaning of colors, symbols used
• A brief statement on the reason for the move
• Effectively layout
• A well developed paragraph/piece commenting on ways the move influenced my family
• Matters of correctness (effective communication/writing based on 6-Traits)

|Rating |Exceeds Standards |Meets Standards |Approaches |Insufficient Evidence; D or |
| |A+, A |A-, B+, B |B-, C+, C, C- |below |
|Content |1. Mapping moves reveal |1. Mapping moves reveal |1. Mapping moves reveal family |1. Asked and answered questions|
| |tremendous depth and provide a |family narrative |details |are lacking in many respects |
| |rich narrative | | |2. Reveals very little evidence|
| |2. Reveals deep understand of |2. Reveals a fundamental |2. Reveals an incomplete |of universal aspects of culture|
| |universal aspects of culture |understanding of universal |understanding of universal | |
| |3. All moves are explained in |aspects of culture |aspects of culture |3. Explanation of moves is |
| |an...

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