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"The Teahouse On Mulberry Street" By Sharon Owens

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"The teahouse on Mulberry Street" is written by the Irish writer Sharon Owens. It was first published 2003 in Britain and her debut has been quite a success.Daniel and Penny Stanley have been married for over 17 years and they owe a teahouse, Muldoon's tea rooms in Belfast. Daniel is addicted to his work and he saves every single penny he can while Penny doesn't get any attention. Penny has also the desire to have a baby before its too late but Daniel cant make her dreams come true, because of secrets from his past. Secrets that he doesn't want to reveal. While Penny waits for change in their relationship and the shabby teahouse, she looks at their customers ...view middle of the document...

Someone who he starts to confide in is the gardener next door. Sadie Smith struggles with her weight to please her husband. One day she can't resist Daniels bakery and that day she also finds out that her husband is cheating on her, with his much skinnier assistant. Now she wants revenge. Clare is an successful editor who lives in New York. After 20 years, she returns back to her hometown, Belfast, to look for her long lost memory. Will she ever find it? When a fire breaks out in Brenda's apartment everything is about to change.Penny and Daniel are the main characters but as a costumer walks in, you will find out every secret each of them have. You can also connect with every character, you can find yourself in every single one of them. Sharon writes in a puzzling way yet beautifully, and with a lot of characters. Everything makes sense in the end though, where every detail before mattered. Owen writes in her mother tongue, Irish, and some words and phrases can be difficult to understand, because of intern jokes. It's a very good and insightful book. It makes you think how your own life is and that you cant have the cake and eat. It's very sweet, as Mr. Stanley's bakeries, and I recommend it to every female between 16 and 80. It appeals you in the way that if you fight for your dreams, you will get your fairytale come true. I liked this book very much and I hope Sharon's other books will be as fascinating. In the end you also get the recipe to a delightful cherry cheesecake from the Muldoon's tea rooms.

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