The Systematic Breakdown Of Our Economic System

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When I look around and see the general direction the quality of “living” is going I find myself constantly asking what the f*ck is happening here? From what I have come to understand is that the economic system that has been set up is set up in such a way to help the few that rest towards the top of the proverbial pyramid maintain a level of wealth; all the while ensuring those in the middle and at bottom struggle to stave off bankruptcy and poverty. Sadly the system affects more than just financials, evidence of this can be found virtually anywhere from the supermarket to the car dealership. The quality of the products that are being produced now-a-days is crap and becoming crappier which ...view middle of the document...

The point to big business is creating profit not jobs. New technologies, and factory automation lead production workers to lose their jobs as the production process was able to be parceled out around the world; this coupling of globalization and new technology has not reduced the number of jobs available these transformations have simply reduced their pay. “when someone calls themselves a job creator, they are not talking about the economy- what they are really doing is making a claim based on status, privileges and power.”(Nick Hanauer) [Inequality for All] Another thing I have come to see is that there is no such thing as a free market, the government sets the rules by which the market functions and these rules are necessary in order to construct a “free market”. The real question is who do these rules benefit? And who do they hurt? The growth of wages and productivity seemed to rise together until the late 1970’s when wages flattened; if you were looking at the private sector union membership rate, and a middle class share of national income chart you can see one is the mirrored image of the other. In the late 1970’s there was a major assault on unions, and this was after regan fired the air traffic controllers- employers fought to bust unions that were already around as well as stop new ones from being formed. It can also be argued that employers only did so to maintain their competitiveness with other companies both in the U.S. and abroad who were non-union; with the deregulation of Wall Street, and the work of the political action committee citizens united this allowed for more and more excessive behavior by financiers, and fortune 500 companies. By keeping pay down companies were able to show higher profits. However ceo’s of these companies were starting to pay themselves large multiples of what the average worker was earning- all the while sounding their concern for work force reductions and lay-offs. “If the middle class worker doesn’t have power, if they don’t have a voice inevitably their wages and benefits will start eroding; if you have a company that is dependent on shareholders there is growing and growing pressure on that company to show better profits in order to have higher share prices; what that inevitably means is there is greater pressure to keep wages and benefits down to a minimum.” (Bob Reich) [Inequality for All]
This would leave the working class with three coping mechanism for the growing economic gap: young women went to work (young mothers, college grads). Both men and women worked 2nd, 3rd jobs, with overtime. Many took to borrowing and going into debt, using their homes as piggy banks essentially taking out loans, or put houses up as collateral. This created a growing debt bubble that...

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