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International Harvester built many good tractors over its years. Today I will be talking about the Super M-TA. The Super M-TA was International Harvester’s first tractor to have live power and other user friendly features. Before I talk about the tractor I’m going to give you a little International Harvester history.
International Harvester started as McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in 1847, founded by Cyrus Hall McCormick and was consolidated by his Son Cyrus Hall McCormick Jr. 1902. About Farmall and IH, Burlington. McCormick harvesting consolidated with Deering Harvester Company; Plano Manufacturing Company; Warder, Bushnell, and Glessner Company; and Milwaukee Harvester Company. ...view middle of the document...

With the Super M-TA this won’t happen because if you shift it has live power.
Super M-TA also was the first tractor to have the torque amplifier of TA. The torque amplifier of TA gave the tractor thirty percent more horse power. The torque amplifier also gives the tractor two gears for every one gear. What the torque amplifier does is slow your engine speed down and give you more power or speed your engine speed up and give you less power. (New McCormick Farmall) If a farmer is baling hay and gets to a thick part in swath instead of shift he or she can pull the back on the torque amplifier lever and won’t have to slow down to change gears. A farmer could also use the torque amplifier to dig a field to make sure he or she has enough power so they won’t kill the tractor. One other place where the torque amplifier helps is if the farmer is pulling a heavy load up a hill the farmer can pull the torque amplifier back before the tractor bogs down and kills. The torque amplifier can also help you maneuver in tight places and when the farmer is baking up to an implement. Since the TA was such a good way to slow down many farmers over used the TA when turning or to slow down and caused them to go out.
Like I said earlier the torque amplifier gives you two gears for every one gear. When the torque amplifier is back it slows the tractor down, and when the torque amplifier is forward it speeds the tractor up. This gives the Super M-TA ten forward gears and two reverse gears. First gear TA is one and five eighths mph and first gear direct is two and one half mph. Second gear TA was two and five eighths mph and in second gear direct it was three and seven eighths. Third gear TA is three and one fourth mph and third gear direct is four and seven eights. Fourth gear TA is four and one half mph and fourth gear direct is six and three fourths mph. Fifth gear TA is eleven and one fourth mph and fifth gear direct is sixteen and three...

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