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The Sun Has Long Been Set

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The sun has long been set

After the Industrial Revolution, the English literature began to change its way from the period that people was concerned about the reason and materials to the time that people look more in to passion and see the beauty of nature again in the end of the 18th century. It is called “The Romantic Movement” of the English literature. At this time, they were concerned about the individualism which is the right to be different from others and the right to express their views. They believe that society and civilization corrupt humanity’s natural innocence and instinct for good of the human.[i] The Romantic does not agree with socialization and they thought that manner was such a fake behavior that makes people careless about nature and their individual thoughts. Their opinion about the world at that time was that it had become excessively ...view middle of the document...

He could see little birds piping among the bushes and trees. He could feel the rush of the wind and he could hear the sound of the gushing water. And then there was a cuckoo who sovereign cries. All these things filled all the hollow of the quiet night in June. We can see from the poetry that the Wordsworth is very concern about the nature. He cares about every little details of the environment even the feel of the rushing wind or the sound of the gushing water. As we already know that poet in the Romantic Movement has a strong sense of natural beauty, they believe that it is the way to the real happiness. Then after he described the beauty of nature, he asked the readers that who would go for parading or masquerading in London in such a beautiful night like this. This shows us that he does not like that kind of city life and social events. The masquerade, for example, is totally a social event. It drew in thousands of commoners from the highest to the lowest social class together. It played a large part in the English society at that time.[iv] Every participant must wear a mask which is however, a symbol of the unreal thing. So, Wordsworth might use the masquerade to represent the social in England at that time which was all concern about materials and unnatural world that he does not like. Just like other romantic poet, he believes that the socialization and civilization corrupt the nature and separate human from his instinct for good and his individuality. So, in the end of the poetry, he gave the reader an idea to think about why they ignored the innocence bliss of admiring the nature doing something like parading or masquerading which is not real at all.

In this poetry, Wordsworth tries to convince the reader to live in solitude and listens to the voice of natural environment rather than being materialist by giving a strong sense of nature. He reminds the reader that they should return to the nature to recover their happiness which reflects the great concept of the Romantic Movement in English literature.


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