The Summary And Analysis Essay

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As the name suggests, the goal of this type of writing is to summarize an assigned piece of writing and then analyze that piece of writing, informing your audience of your position on the issue being raised.

The first element of Summary/Analysis writing is to inform your audience, generally, what you think an author is saying in an assigned essay or article. This is the summary. Remember: your goal is not to retell but rather, to identify generally the high points and what you think he means.

The second element of Summary/Analysis writing is to establish for your audience your position on the issue raised in the assigned essay. Think in ...view middle of the document...

This is the controlling theme for your entire analysis of his essay, so it must be clear. However, you will NOT use specific examples from the essay in this paragraph; rather, you will speak generally about the author’s thesis.

Sub-theme #1 (topic idea) paragraph – Use words like “for instance” or
“for example” or “another example offered”.
1. Example with details from text to “show” how theme #1 is a
major point raised by the author
2. Example with details from text to “show” how theme #1 is a
major point raised by the author

Analysis paragraph : Your analysis/opinion of theme #1. In this paragraph, you state what you think about the author’s point. Refer to specific examples as needed.

Sub-theme #2 (topic idea) paragraph –
1. Example with details from text to “show” how theme #2 is a
major point raised by the author
2. Example with details from text to “show” how theme #2 is a
major point raised by the author

Analysis paragraph : Your analysis/opinion of theme #2. In this paragraph, you state what you think about the ...

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