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The Study Of Micro Teaching Essay

1259 words - 6 pages

“A Study of Micro Teaching”



As a partial fulfillment of the course of Master of Arts {part-II} in English,
Evaluation of the paper IV.II: ELLT


Sharad N. Musale




The department of English
R.N.C. Arts, J.D.B. Commerce & N.S.C. Science College,

Nashik Road.




I) Meaning and Definition of Micro Teaching

II) Nature of Micro Teaching

III) Characteristics of Micro Teaching

IV) Objectives of Micro Teaching

V) Steps in Micro Teaching

VI) Advantages and Limitations of Micro Teaching

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First clieft defines micro teaching as follow.
“Micro teaching is a teacher training procedure which reduces the teaching situation to simpler and more controlled encounter achieved by limiting the practice teaching to a specific skill and reducing time and class size”.

Nature of Micro Teaching:

Micro teaching is a scaled down sample of teaching. The complex act of teaching is broken down into simple components. Only one particular skill is attempted and developed during the micro teaching session. A student teacher teaches a short lesson of to a small group of pupils. The lesson is self-contained. A single concept is taken up in the lesson. After the class, the pupils leave. The teacher trainee discusses his lesson with the supervisor. The teacher trainee modifies his lesson plan accordingly. He reaches his micro lesson with a different group of students. He makes efforts to improve his previous lesson. The process is repeated till a desirable skill is developed. The process is repeated till a reach cycle which can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Characteristics of Micro Teaching
The characteristics of micro teaching which show its importance for the training of a teacher may be summarized as follows :
i) Micro Element :
Micro teaching is called micro because it reduces the complexities of the teaching situation. The reduction (=making micro) occurs in terms of the number of students (5-8), duration (5-8minutes) and subject-matter. This reduction enables the trainee to concentrate on the particular teaching skill at a time.
ii) Teaching Skills and strategies :
1) Pre-instructional skills which include writing instructional objectives, sequencing and organizing knowledge to achieve the specific objectives, appropriate content, and selection of proper audio-visual aids ect.
2) Instructional skills which include skills of introducing a lesson, drills of explaining, reinforcement, probing questions, and diagnosing pupils’ difficulties ect.
3) Pre-Instructional skills which include skills of writing test items, interpreting pupils’ performance in a test and planning remedial measures ect.
4) Feedback :
In Micro teaching, several authentic (=fine) sources are employed for providing necessary feedback. Some of them are like oral feedback by the supervisor and video-tape recording.
5) Safe Practice Ground :
A Micro teaching laboratory possesses all the inherent features of real calls-room. Teaching is performed under siulated conditions with a group of students. So the trainee is on a safe practice ground.
Objectives of Micro teaching :
The technique of micro-teaching can be used to achieve the following objectives:
1) To enable the teacher-trainee to learn and...

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