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The Student Diet Essay

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Patrick Taylor
English 103.43

The College Student Diet

Fast food restaurants are all around college campuses, giving students easy access to them. Many college students save valuable time by going to these fast food restaurants to eat. College students who have classes all day have only a limited lunch hour. During this time, many students run errands or finish homework, and therefore have only a few minutes for a quick lunch. Eating fast food can also be very convenient, because now they can take the food back to their dorm or apartment, and eat in the comfort of their own home. This also allows them to study and eat at the same time, and they don’t have to worry about dishes, or put ...view middle of the document...

Eating all this fast food without working out causes weight gain, and if the trend is not broken it can lead to obesity, which can lead to health problems.
Another problem that arises after frequently eating fast food is the hardening of the arteries and other heart diseases because the fast foods contain large quantities of grease and fat. Fast foods are also loaded with an excess of sodium. Too much salt in a diet is not healthy because it can lead to high blood pressure. Students usually ignore the warning signs because the disease that come about show up only later on in life. Fast food can also cause diabetes which can cause amputation, and even worse death
1 To Much fast food can lead to a loss of energy, which can hurt your academic performance
1 To Much fast food can lead to a loss of energy, which can hurt your academic performance
Most of the meals students get do not contain any vegetables or fruit. This unbalanced diet leads to a lack of minerals and vitamins, which causes a person to have a lack of energy and eventually affects the student's study habits. Usually when students eat a lot of fast food, they forget to eat vegetables and other foods that can be good for them. Eating all of this fast food...

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