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The Struggle Of Abraham's Children Essay

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The Epic Struggle of the Children of Abraham

The largest three faiths in the world today, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, were all born from the same prophet. Abraham is the centerpiece from which all three of these religions materialized. They are all monotheistic; they believe in the one God, Allah, Elohim, Yalweh, or the Father, depending on the religion. Each of these religions has their own sacred texts and belief system, but essentially share the same concept. God created the world out of nothing and created man out of his own image. God is also depicted quite differently by each of the individuals within the specific religions. Yahweh is created as unattractive but still ...view middle of the document...

Within the Christian Bible, much was loosely translated and emphasized or de-emphasized depending on the individual writing the scriptures. However, with the Qur'an, Muhammad was specific about taking down exactly as he Allah and had instructed him, he did not want any wrong interpretations or information nor did he want exaggerations included in the Qur'an.

Judaism originated from the Hebrews, as did Islam and Christianity. They have a special covenant between God that is forever. They also believe that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for which they were to live by.

Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, who claimed to be the Son of God. Jesus was born in Palestine by a virgin woman, Mary. The Immaculate Conception is the belief that Mary carried Jesus but never performed the physical act of intercourse. Jesus accepted the Ten Commandments that the Jewish people received from God, through Moses. After a life of miracles and healing many of the sick and disabled, Jesus was crucified. He was buried and resurrected, where he ascended to heaven.

The founder of Islam was Mohammad, who was the son of Abraham. All Muslims follow what are called the Five Pillars of Islam; belief and witness, daily prayers, spiritual tithing, fasting, and Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. All Muslims are expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life if the are able.

In Islam, Allah is the name of God, and there is no God but God. Christianity recognizes both God and Jesus, Jesus being the Son of God and the savior of mankind. However, within Judaism, Jesus is considered a prophet but rejects the belief of Jesus being the Son of God. However, all three religions recognize only one God, they are truly monotheistic. Furthermore, all three religions teach to love God.

The disagreements among these three religions are ancient and have caused millions to die. One of the most disagreements is because Jesus taught a different religion than Judaism, therefore many believe he was turned over to Pontius Pilate to be crucified. The Jewish people have long been blamed for the death of Jesus Christ, whom Christians revere as the Son of God. There was also the holocaust during World War II; many Germans believed that the Jewish people deserved to die for the role they played in the death of Jesus. Since Jesus died, Jewish people have long been persecuted because of the belief that they were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. By Muslims and Jews, Jesus was considered another prophet such as Moses or Muhammad.

The conflict between Christian and Muslims originated from the Christians distaste for Islamic spread throughout the Holy Land. This initiated the Holy Crusades which did not last long due to the lack of support, fighting in foreign areas, as well of no logistical plan. In 1453, Muslim fighters captured Constantinople ending the Byzantine Empire rule and giving Islam total control over the Middle...

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