The Stress And Reward Of Returning To School

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When I decided to return to school after a fourteen year break, a lot of stressors became apparent in my life. The first known stressor that affected the added task of returning to school was work. Being that I tend to be very busy at the work place and sometime bring work home with me, it took a toll on me rather fast. The second stressor was trying to take care of the household. Trying to find time in-between cooking, cleaning, washing, and school assignments had me running around like a “chicken without a head”. The third was being a single parent and adding another task into my already busy life. My children also had to be tended to with their homework, sports, and all the things kids ...view middle of the document...

It was a tough daily job of having to be able to sit at my desk or even in bed to hammer out some school work but I was determined and toughed it out. There were a lot of limitations to what I can do physically, so I made it a point to limit my time of sitting, typing, or thinking of school for that matter. My surgeries and limitations became the least of my trouble for timing what or how much I can do. What took me away for awhile, was the medications I had to take in order to deal with the pain. Most of the medications would either make me sick where I could not function or send me straight to sleep for hours. This had me in a bind being that I had already worked out a schedule for everything in an organized plan. I managed to talk with the doctors who insisted for me to stay on the regiment of medication they prescribed but at the end gave me their minimum requirements they could recommend. As long as I agreed, I would tell them when I when something didn’t feel right and took full dosages when I could. This helped me to overcome my dilemma and allowed me to continue to work my school schedule.
Although there were many stressors in my life while returning to school, I found that there was a great advantage and a more rewarding future because of it. For example, now that I’m back in school and doing well, my children look up to me as more of a role model. They see, that no matter my medical conditions nor have my obligations to work deterred me from accomplishing my goals and proved to them that there is always room for more knowledge. Even at work, my subordinates have taken to going back to school as I have...

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