The Strength Of The Teological Argument Due To Science

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The Strength of the Teological Argument due to Science

Science does give us more and more information about the universe, but
it doesn’t believe in God or god as the designer of the universe as
there is no scientific evidence for the existent of God. But learning
more about the universe does show us that there is an order in the
universe, which strengthens the teological argument.

The Design argument is a theory based on the idea that everything in
the Universe is ordered. It is also known as the Teological argument,
derived from the Greek word "telos" meaning "end" or "purpose." The
basic and fundamental proposal of the design argument is that because ...view middle of the document...

the parts were fitted in a random order it would not work. The same as
a television, there are things in nature that have been fitted
together (by a designer) for a specific purpose.

Many philosophers have contributed to the design argument with their
own understanding of it and their own ways of explaining it. These
philosophers all agree that there is an order, purpose and regularity
in the whole universe, this is what we also learn from science. For
example the heart in our body shows it has order, certainly a purpose
and it works regularly. The oxygenated blood is send to the body from
the heart by the arteries and the deoxygenated blood is send to the
heart from the body by the veins and its purpose is to keep us alive
by sending oxygen to every cell in our body for respiration and it
works regularly as the heart contradictions occur at about 72 beats
per minute.

Paley offered us an analogy to try to explain the argument. He put it
to us that if we were to find a stone on the ground, and were asked
why it was there, we would think it had laid there forever. However,
if we were to find a watch on the ground, and were asked the same
question, we would reply that it was there because somebody had
designed it. Paley says that the stone on the ground is no different
to the watch, as each as been designed. The stone, and more widely
speaking, the whole universe has been designed by a "Great Architect":

St Thomas Aquinas believed that "some intelligent being exists by whom
all natural things are directed to their end; and this being we call
God." He stated that anything that lacks knowledge cannot move towards
an end but must be directed towards that end by God. Aquinas is
arguing from the design qua regularity point of view.

Another philosopher who contributed to this argument is F. R. Tennant.
He contrived the "Aesthetic Argument." This declares that the
appreciation of beauty, art, and poetry are not necessary for the
survival of humanity or the development of life. Therefore man is not
simply a product of evolution and natural selection but a specific
design. Simply put, he says the fact that the universe is saturated
with beauty suggests that it can't just have happened- there must have
been a designer- again, God.

The Anthropic Principle, again developed by Tennant, is a more
scientific method of supporting the design argument. The conditions of
chemicals and gasses at the time of creation where in just the right
proportions for the development of human life. If these values had
been even just a tiny bit different then this would not have been
possible. With this in mind we are encouraged to conclude that, with
such a minute chance, surely the universe must have been designed.

There are weaknesses in the design argument that can be expressed. The

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