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The Strength of a Family The main character of William Wordsworth's poem, "We are Seven" is an eight-year girl that knows more about devotion to her family the most adults ever know. It seems that author is who comes across this child on his journeys. He takes a liking to her right away and even thought, "Her beauty made me glad." I quickly find out that she is one of seven brothers and sisters and she is the only one that is alive and still at home. I say alive, because she has a brother and sister that "in the church-yard lie". The four others, presumably four brothers, have all grown up and moved away from home.The entire poem is about the interactions of the man and this girl. For ...view middle of the document...

For she never spoke of them as dead and never mentioned them as separate from her. "Two of us in the church-yard lie" was her most explicit explanation of where they were. Perhaps she was cold and in denial of what had happened, one might say. For when her sister died the girl and her brother played together around her grave. But we think that rather than denial or something unhealthy, it was simply the devotion. The strength of the family that loves one another with all their hearts was all she knew. This means forever to her and I'm sure her dead brother and sister would feel the same, if the misfortune had fallen upon her instead of one of them. Every word she speaks is saturated with convictions to her devotions to her brother and sister. "O Master! We are seven….[the man] 'Twas throwing words away; for still / The little Maid would have her will" Though-out the entire poem this debate continues. When the end of the poem comes nothing has been resolved; the girl still says she "we are seven" and the man still thinks its absurd to continue to count dead siblings as part of your family now.The other important part of the poem is the religion connection. This girl obviously has a strong belief in the power of God and His plan. The church-yard is referenced three times: location of the graves, to a tree, and to...

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