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The Story Of My Life Essay

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By:Paola Valdivia

Hi! My name is Paola Valdivia, and i'm going to tell you my wonderful story. My mom gave birth to me at 10:00 a.m in the morning. I was born on April 21, 2004, in San Francisco, St. Luke’s hospital. I was only 7 pounds. When I was a child I used to enjoy running and use the hula hoop. I also loved to do cartwheels and swing on the monkey-bars. When I was born we used to live in a trailer, but then we moved to a house when I was 2 years old. I have visited LA and often we visit our cousins that live in Nevada. When I was born I didn't cry. My told me that I was staring my mom wide-eyed thinking who ...view middle of the document...

Some of them had taken care of me. My family is always together and we often have parties. we stopped in the freeway because there was snow. I was very excited because it was my first time touching snow.

In my spare time I like to read and also play the flute. I also love to play Basketball with my sister Jimena. Me and my sister both play the flute and also go to band in school. In church, I volunteer as monaguilla(helps the priest). I also used to be in a girls Basketball team. In the future I want to be a teacher and I also want to learn how to play a lot of instruments.

My first teacher was Mrs.Kathleen. She was a Preschool teacher. It was okay with her. I didn't have many friends in Preschool because I didn't know that much English.That was when I met Sarahi. My second teacher was Mrs.Battise. She was a very nice teacher but also strict. My first grade teacher was Mrs.Ponce. I had a very good year with her. I also met Mary and Aylin who we also became friends My second grade teacher was Mrs.Vazquez. My third grade teacher was Ms.Gonzalez. She was also a very good teacher. In Fourth grade I went with Mr.Bills. That was one of best years I had. But I also had a lot of problems with my friends. In Fifth grade I went with Mrs.Flores. It was also not bad. I had many friends. I also liked Mrs.Flores because she was funny and also a good teacher. Right now im in 6th grade with Mr.Ortiz. He was also one of the best teachers I ever had. I also had very much fun with all my classmates and teachers. I had always loved schools because I love to learn new things and I also loved being with my friends. The best field trip that I had was with Mrs.Flores when we went to Biz-World. I enjoyed doing the bracelets and selling them. Schools has been big and exciting to me even though I had difficult years. I also wanted to give thanks to all my teachers.

The person who I most admire is my mom. First of all she never gives up. For example, when she was getting her license she didn't pass her test in the first try but she kept trying until she past it. The most thing I admire of her is that she is always positive. She always thinks in the bright side. She is also brave. For example, she is never scared she always feels god is with her and nothing bad is going to happen. The last thing is that she when she came here from Mexico she went to College to learn English. That used to help me and my sister because she helped us do our homework.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because it's when I get to see my family. Christmas is also my favorite holiday because most of the people are happy and joyful. For example, I can’t forget being as happy when I was little opening my Christmas presents with my sister. I also have 5 REASONS why Christmas is the best. The First reason is that I get to decorate my Christmas tree with my...

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