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The Storm Essay

1071 words - 5 pages

Merissa Hardaway
Professor: Ms. Lawless
English 1510
18 June 2012
Love Spell
M’sieur Alce’e couldn’t bear the pain of leaving Calixta. His thoughts became scrambled. Alce’e would stop at nothing to see her again. Suddenly he was enraged. He wondered how to get Calixta away from her family. He wanted to be with her forever. Alce’e knew in spite of everything Calixta was a devoted wife. Nevertheless in that moment of passion Alce’e knew he had a place in her heart. Suddenly Alce’e remembered an old woman near the country side. This woman was a magic maker. The woman was known for her mysterious magic. Nevertheless no one knew the mysterious woman’s name. She was known for her ...view middle of the document...

Alce’e had to take one of the skeletons from Catacombes de Paris and bury it with a special potion. He was happy the woman could help. So he gathered his things and started a journey to Paris.
The Catacombs of Paris are among the creepier sites in France. It’s a set of underground quarries housing around six million human skeletons, dating back to the 18th century. Alce’e took his journey and finally reached the destination. He walked into the underground cemetery and seen all the skeleton heads. He immediately pulled out a knife to unloosen the skeletal remains. After toiling with the object the skeleton finally gave way. Alce’e took the skeleton and carried it outside. He dug a shallow grave outside the underground cemetery. Then Alce’e placed the potion and skeleton into the grave. The spell was complete. Now he had to wait and to see if the spell worked.
Calixta was preparing to cook the shrimp for dinner. She noticed something inside her pocket. Calixta pulled a small white note from her pocket. It was a note from Alce’e. He must have put it in her pocket. Calixta eagerly opened the note and read it to herself. The note said, “I loved you from the first day I saw you. You hold a special place in my heart. Please meet with me again at the Chateau de Villa. I will be waiting, on the night of the full moon.” Calixta’s face became flushed. Her cheeks turned a rosy red. She couldn’t believe Alce’e demands to see her once more. All of a sudden she started to have deep feelings for Alce’e. She desired him more than ever. The devoted wife had faded into obscurity.
On the night of the full moon, Calixta gathered her things to meet Alce’e. The full moon was gigantic and the light made way for travel. Her family was fast asleep and now was the perfect time. She made her way by foot. The road was still...

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