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The Status Of Lgbt Essay

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The Status of LGBT’s and Women
While the United States of America is called the land of the free, it has not always been as such for many different members of the country. Depending on a person’s race, gender, or even their sexual orientation, some people have been deemed as not deserving to have the same rights and equality that the rest of us have enjoyed during our time here. While over time this has been reversed for the most part, women and members of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) community still do not always get to have their rights respected. Following is a look at where women and LGBT started and where they stand today, as well as some concepts that are ...view middle of the document...

They are no longer regarded as having a place in the home, but instead are part of the work force and many even attain educational goals such as degrees. While in some ways they may not be entirely equal, they have definitely come a long way in the past couple of hundred years.
Like women, the LGBT community has also not always enjoyed the freedom that they have today. Being a member of the LGBT community was completely frowned upon in the past, though some places and people still frown upon it today. Years ago they had absolutely no rights, and sodomy was even outlawed, essentially making it illegal to be homosexual. They had no marriage rights, no rights to inheritance, and could not file join tax returns (Boundless). Today this has improved somewhat for the better. In many states they have allowed same-sex marriage, therefore giving members of the LGBT community the exact same rights that those of the heterosexual community enjoy. Sadly this does not apply to the entire country, as there are still places where they have no rights to enjoy whatsoever. There is still prejudice and discrimination against members of the LGBT community, but this has diminished compared to how it was years ago.
Gender and sex still create constructions and conceptions of what is masculinity and femininity. They are apparent for anyone to view if they only open their eyes. In Western culture it is still held that women are to be feminine and uphold standards of beauty, not to mention that they are for the most part...

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