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The Spread Of Vernacular Language Essay

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“All objects, all phases of culture are alive. They have voices. They speak of their history and interrelatedness. And they are all talking at once! Camille Paglia
The history and the effects of vernacular language on culture in Latin America can date back to the twelfth century where vernacular language was used for means of religious inquiry, social class identification, and formerly, Latin was the most used language wherever a Roman empire had ruled. Previously in Latin America, Catholicism was practiced. Latin America has many influences from other cultures. For example: Latin America adopted European Colonial culture where it used its literature, painting, music, and language. Immigration practices, slave use from Africa including but not limited to dance and religion. Latin America has based most of its culture upon another.
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In these works, vernacular language was used as a street language. Literary work by the French spread in vernacular language and this alone contributed to the spread in the fourteenth century in Europe. The language of literature, historical records, and expression became especially popular in the fifteenth century. Through Vernacular language, people were easily converted to Christianity. It was eventually used over Latin as it was noble women who accredited works to be written or translated to vernacular language. There was much controversy pertaining to religious services being held in Latin or in vernacular language. However, because of the controversy that arose in Latin America as a matter of vernacular language subsequently lead to the Reformation.
As stated before, vernacular language was used mainly by high class people. In Latin America, women contributed greatly to the widespread of vernacular language because women added to people of this period gaining more freedom of expression. An influential piece of literature was noted and recorded as the first to be written in vernacular language and this book was the bible printed by Gutenberg. Remarkably, the rates of literacy were impacted therefore any and every one could speak a vernacular language and had the ability to learn, read and write. In order to ensure that the spread of vernacular language affected everyone, Gutenberg evolved and produced a printing process that contributed to production of vernacular language.
As the final result, the impact vernacular language had on culture can be expressed in two words: conformity and equality. The vernacular language was the product of a national identity in Latin America. The language became universal differing from its original usage in song and stories to its expansion in churches and politics. Vernacular language contributed to

assuming the national identity. The use of vernacular language provided common ground and by default, everyone would be able to communicate amongst each other in a common language.

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