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The Spices Model Of Curriculum Design

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after harden et al 1984 (univ. dundee)
Purpose of the SPICES model:
1. to review an existing curriculum to see where improvements can be made
2. to develop a new curriculum from scratch
3. to tackle specific questions or issues relating to a curriculum
4. to help decide on what sort of teaching methods to use on a course
5. decide what format the assessment should take

S student centred vs teacher centred T
P problem based vs information gathering I
I integrated vs discipline based D
C community based vs hospital based H
E elective vs uniformed/standard U
S ...view middle of the document...

Must need a |
|continuity of care, which cannot be seen in hospitals |careful selection procedure for selecting teachers from the |
| |community! |
|Makes use of untapped resources – as doctor numbers increase, |Experienced gained in the hospital context – a concentrated |
|rather than increasing hospital teaching facilities – how about|form of experience of disease than can be gained in the |
|increasing community teaching resources. The number of |community |
|patients in the community is endless! | |
|Avoids student wise patients – who know what to say |Enables learners to explore specialist medicine as a career |
|Introduces learners to the health care system – patterns of | |
|delivery, manpower, economics, decision making, quality | |
|control, health resources. | |

Elective vs Uniform

elective uniform
|Allows curricular flexibility |Standard programme through which all must go through |
|Enables learners to explore further interests in more details; |No such opportunity. But does provide “core” experience which |
|matching to the learner’s needs |is prescribed. |
|Can see health delivery in a state elsewhere (secondments) | |
|Promotes self directed learning | |

|Electives are a good way of dealing with an overcrowded |Electives can overload teachers with work- may overburden an |
|curriculum (too much medical knowledge these days! Learners |already heavily burdened faculty |
|can now identify and tackle areas in which they feel they are | |
|deficient. | |
|Electives provide learners with increased responsibility for |Electives can affect other course work |
|their own learning ...

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