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The South Of Baja, Mexico Essay

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La Paz is in my heart. Proudly native of this beautiful city in the south of the Baja, I write these lines to make mention of some things that are so dear in the daily life in La Paz, and maybe that way, you’re encouraged to come and take a walk around this world famous "Port of Illusion."
More to the point and to avoid tedious reading, I decided to make a list of keywords that come to mind when I think of La Paz. In advance, I offer an apology if my list does not match the one that perhaps you, dear reader, if you have the fortune to meet the Lower South, have in mind when you think of this wonderful place. This is only a snapshot of the huge spectrum of things you can do in the Baja. Here we go:

1. Whales. What comes to your mind when you read that word? A container filled with a delicious refreshing drink very typical in any Sunday at the beach? Or, the ...view middle of the document...

 Whatever you like todo on the beach, here we have it: Camping, diving, fishing, swimming, or if you just want to get a tan, here you have the perfect beaches for do it all.
4. Seafood tacos. Is somewhat arbitrary to mention a particular business having such good seafood taco stands, but on the boardwalk there are several worth mentioning (Bismarkcito, la Carreta, etc.), Where you can enjoy different seafood tacos, local music, a nice cold beer and magnificent views. You can’t miss this.
5. The People. All visitors whether from México or abroad, are delighted with the same: The people here is so friendly. Everyone leaves pleasantly surprised to see how we treat our visitors with singular confidence. We just answer that that we are very "cool", "laid back" or very “chill” Believe me, is a guarantee; if you visit La Paz, you will get the same opinion.
6. Vacation. Without discussing the best vacation you will have. If you want to have a pleasant and quiet tome, or maybe go ride a bike without fear of being hit, a nice walk in the evening, have a good dip at the beach and ride the famous “banana”, meet nice people, have a few beers at a bar and continue with a night of partying, enjoy good food and much more, there is no better place than La Paz. Also, if you have time, you can go for a scenic tour of the nearby towns such as Todos Santos, with its great cultural events, and why not? Go to the bottom of the Baja, to Los Cabos, on your car rental with our friends at Fox and know the deliciousness of the party without stopping. For me, holidays are in Baja Sur. The best ones ever.
7. Family. The best things come at the end. Whether you have blood family, or maybe friends who are like brothers, if you go to La Paz and if you make friends there, you can say you have family here. Take a walk, meet people, and you always have a true relative that you can visit anytime.

This is a list of my memories of life in Baja. How about you, do you already have yours?


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