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The Source Of All Fears Essay

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NOTE: The page number references are from the book "Story and Structure Canadian Edition" by Leurence PerrineWith the birth of the first human fear took control of him no differently than the other animals, however the way humans put up with it is unlike any animal. The source of fear has shifted from nature's elements to the destructive minds in our midst. These destructors, driven by desire for power and retribution, persuade others to follow them and carry destructive actions. The protagonist from Graham Greene's "The Destructors" is a teenage boy with great talent in leadership and planning but pointed in a dangerous direction, a classic example of a destructive mind.Fear is one of the ...view middle of the document...

Destructive minds spring up all over the place to poke and prod at fears. Trevor being a materialist believes that "...hate and love, [is] soft, it's hooey," (p59) it's safe to say he regards fear likewise. This case of a teenager becoming obsessed with disintegration can become a much more grave and dangerous in his adulthood. T. isn't interested in profiting from this operation, "we'll burn them" (p59) he said about Old Misery's money, "carefully demolished" (p57) house with passion of an artist, "...destruction after all is a form of creation." (p58) The most unsettling element about this character is he only sees and acknowledges things, nothing else, yet he still meticulously, consciously destroys and puts them out of existence. Slowly but surely society is working on pinpointing and controlling destructive minds much like the nature's wrath.Some use terror to gain power but some use it for retribution, to get even. Trevor was born in a well off family, "his mother considered herself better than the neighbours" (p52) after his father "[came] down in the world;" (p52) it was hard on Trevor's mother to...

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