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The Social Network: Something For Everyone

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The Social Network: Something for Everyone
Janice Benson
Computer Literacy INF 103
Professor Louisa Verhaart
March 10, 2012

The Social Network: Something for Everyone
Social networking websites have flooded the internet. They are everywhere. What do these websites offer that has captivated the young, the elderly, and everyone in between? Have these social networking websites affected how we communicate with one another? This research paper will contain the definition of social network, timelines of specific areas related to the social web, as well as answer questions mentioned. This paper will also contain a short, descriptive review of an age appropriate social network ...view middle of the document...

This site is known mainly for being the original virtual community.
1997 Six Degrees broke out as the first modem social network, and allowed its members to create a profile and become friends with other users. This site was sold in 2000, for $125 million and shut down in 2001In 2000 it was purchased for $125 million and in 2001 was shut down.
2002 The year 2002 brought the birth of the first modem social-site named Friendster. This network has over 90 million users. Gay men, attenders of Burning Man, and bloggers, hold the bulk of its membership. Friendster’s’ goal was to be a safer place to meet new people, and a new kind of dating site.
2003 Three new social networks debuted in 2003: Hi5, LinkedIn, and MySpace
Hi5 members have not only their friends, but also friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends are funneled into their individual accounts. Hi5 claims more than 60 million active members, and is not a popular website in the U.S.
LinkedIn is one of the first sites geared toward business. Early on, its users posted resumes and communicated through private messages. This site preferred you know the people you connected with instead of imposing on someone you did not know.
Three years after MySpace was created, it was crowned as the most popular worldwide social network. Members could design and decorate their page, add music, blogs, and photos. Real-time updates of friend activity, and question and answer forum have been welcome additions.
2004 Facebook was established and by 2006, everyone had a Facebook account. In 2008, Facebook was announced as the most popular social site and continues to grow. Chat/instant messaging, writing on a wall, and updating your status are a few features offered.
Timeline: Lifestream
2006 Ustream debuted that summer allowing viewers to post questions and comments during a live broadcast. The majority of users seldom go live. Ustream has become the streaming host for many celebrities.
2006 October brought to the stage. acts as a video host allowing live show and lifecasters an avenue to connect with 400,000 channels. reaches 41 million visitors each month.
2007 FriendFeed sprang into action. This social site allows users to make friend list, communicate, and post comments. FriendFeed allows users to assimilate their online doings, such as Twitter and Flickr, to the site. Facebook recently purchased FriendFeed.
Timeline: Photo/video Social Networks
2003 Photobucket hit the scene as the first photo/video sharing social site. This site gives the user the option of placing their works in public or password albums. In 2007, Fox Interactive Media purchased this site.
2004 Flickr enters the arena allowing users to group photos and videos in albums, pools, create profiles and add friends. Flickr also allows users to license work through Creative Commons.
2004 YouTube is a hit as the first major video hosting and sharing site. Account...

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