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The Social Impact On Social Policy

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The Social Impact Of Social Policies In Human Services
Kimberly Covington
Walden University
Human Services Theory

November 02, 2014

The Social Impact Of Social Policies In Human Services
Poverty and Homelessness has become a constant contribution to the economic crisis which continues to plague society. There are several factors which can contribute to the homeless population such as alcohol usage, drug usage, education, mental health issues, criminality, and the unfortunate employability of armed forces personnel.
A major cause of homelessness is health related issues which contribute to economic instability, which can affect an individual’s ability and ...view middle of the document...

Ensuring individuals are obtaining quality education from early adolescent through college is a necessary measure if eradicating homelessness.
Numerous studies have found a beneficial correlation between higher education and income. Higher income should attribute to a better quality of life, however this has not been the case in places such cities as Fergusson and St. Louis Missouri.
The complexity of homelessness does not only result from employability and workforce concerns, but also from the substantial prevalence of mental instability found in the homeless community. Prior studies suggest that co -morbidity such as a dual diagnosis of chemical dependency and mental disorders further complicate the homelessness issue. Studies report a prevalence of alcohol dependency ranging between 8.1%–58.5%, drug dependency ranging from 4.5%–54.2, and psychotic diagnosis ranging from 2.8%–42.3% (Center or Disease Control, n.d.). What the figures clearly identify is that there is contributor of mental health issues and drug dependency to the continued rise in the homeless population.
There is a continued need for research and documentation of the various situational occurrences which lead citizens in the community to become homeless. Documentation of the health care needs of the homeless population in these areas are important, as this population is understudied and underrepresented due to their transient nature.
Many homeless individuals whom are homeless suffer from such debilitated disorders such as schizophrenia which can only be treated by psychotropic medications which can only be prescribed under a doctor’s care. Due to the inability to afford health insurance, more less the astronomical co-payments which must be paid prior to filling prescriptions is the main contributor to these individuals continuing to suffer and remain un-employable.
Human Service Professionals must be well read and...

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