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The Social And Economic Effect Of Drugs Abuse

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Drugs can be used not only for positive but also for negative purposes. We can use drugs in health field, but some people have irresponsibly used Narkoba (drugs) or NAPZA to achieve their pleasure, not like its real function. They don’t really realize that it can be harmful for not only themselves, but also for people that remain around them, like : their families, relatives and environment. These irresponsible manners also make a negative impact for Indonesia. These impacts divided into Social and Economic sector. The social impacts are health, education, and family. The economic impacts are work productivity and tax. These aspects will ...view middle of the document...

Drugs victim also tend to mendacious if there is something he done wrong, they also lie to earn money to buy drugs for fulfilling the desire to consume drugs. If they don’t, the victim will feel disorientated, disturbed by the drugs addict, and commit criminal for the other options. Asocial and like to be alone is the other effect of drugs, most of the drugs’s victim only enjoying their life with their fellowship of drugs group. It’s because to make easier acquiring drugs. In health effect, drugs are responsible for killing thousands of young people each year, those who escape death are sometimes confined to a mental institution, and many deathly uncureable diseases already infecting the drugs user which is transferred from the reusing of the injector of drugs such HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. Drugs make people hard to focusing their mind, it is distracts drugs users in learning course. This makes achievement at school or university cannot be accomplished, many of drugs users got dropped out from the place they studied because of it.

The effect of drugs are correlated to family, education, health and the economy level. This will affecting the human development index...

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