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The Sixth Day Essay

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There are two types of cloning. The type of cloning which was not mentioned in the film, but was rather assumed to be an earlier form of cloning is when there is a mother involved. There is no genetic information of the mother; however the baby will grow inside of her. The other kind of cloning, which is assumed to be a more advanced form of cloning, is by using blank bodies and importing the genetic information into those bodies so that they will resemble whoever they are cloning in just a few hours. Although this form of cloning is pure science fiction, I believe that something similar can happen in the future.

The first type of cloning will take a lot longer then just a few hours, it ...view middle of the document...

An example that proves this, the sperm of an adult carries the necessary genetic information to the female egg. Since age is not part of the genetic information, the baby grows inside the mother as a normal baby. If age is part of the genetic information, the baby will grow inside of the mother to be the same age as the father, and it will look exactly like the father as well.

Let’s say we forget all of this and solely concentrate on what could be the consequences and benefits of human cloning. For a negative, identity theft would play a large role. A positive would be cloning someone intelligent by using their genes which contain information of intelligence. Therefore you would have two intelligent people. However you would not be able to tell if the donor is intelligent until at least three or four years of age and higher. Cloning would be good to distribute an intelligent person every possible moment so we have a whole group of intelligent people where the possibilities are endless. However, that is unnatural and manufactured, and is sort of like living for the sake of man kind. So in a way, it too is a negative. There is definitely the slippery slope that can lead to designer babies, master races, super-soldiers, etc. If misused, cloning can throw the balance of nature out of whack a lot faster and in a much more...

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