The Significance Of Word Is Your Bond In Toni Cade Bambara's "Gorilla, My Love."

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The Significance of Word is Your Bond in Toni Cade Bambara's "Gorilla, My Love."

In the short story, “Gorilla, My Love,” Toni Cade Bambara expresses the intention of a little girl named Hazel. In the story, Hazel is riding along with her grandfather, Uncle Hunca Bubba, and brother from a long road trip from gathering pecans as a family. During the ride back Hazel is feeling disturbed by Hunca Bubba story he is telling Hazel’s little brother about getting ...view middle of the document...

Hazel uncle gave his word that he was going to marry her. Hazel goes over all the different instances in her life she has been wronged by an adult. Hazel assumes when a grown-up says something they should stick to their word. In the short story, “Gorilla, My Love,” by Toni Cade Bambara, is addressing while growing up in this world an adult saying one thing and doing another may lead to a great deal of anxiety and confusion, especially for a child.

When you make promises to me and I do not know any better, I am obligated to believe it. Therefore, I act out that frustration because it will consume me. Hazel illustrated a few incidents to where she let her temper and frustration get the best of her.  “You a lying dawg,” (21) was what Hazel addressed her Uncle as since he had promised to wed her, not anyone else. Growing up a child is being taught to believe in your family, family wouldn’t lie to you. Hazel’s uncle gave her a proposal and then quoted marrying someone else. Hazel reacted by calling him out and arguing with her uncle.

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