The Shortage Of Potable Water And How It Affects The World

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Robert Buelow
Project Part 3
Rough Draft
November 11, 2010
Potable Water Shortages around the World
In my research paper, I will be investigating the issue of potable water shortages around the world. Many areas of the world are suffering from a water crisis and it's not just dry arid, developing countries that are suffering. The Western US is particularly vulnerable and its water crisis is getting more severe by the day. It is estimated that one fifth of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water, and that this proportion will increase due to population growth relative to water resources. The worst affected areas are the arid and semiarid regions of ...view middle of the document...

Most desalination today uses fossil fuels, contributing to carbon emissions.
The scope of my problem is an environmental issue because water is so important that, as a population grows and demand increases, there is a strong chance of conflict in the future. I will be focusing on how to implement a plan to generate more potable water to meet the demands of future use and needs of society. In fact, many of the nations that are predicted to have the strongest growth in population over the next years are the areas where the water crisis is most acute.
The basic attraction of nuclear energy has been its low fuel costs compared with coal, oil and gas-fired plants. Uranium, however, has to be processed, enriched and fabricated into fuel elements, and about half of the cost is due to enrichment and fabrication. In the assessment of the economics of nuclear power allowances must also be made for the management of radioactive used fuel and the ultimate disposal of this used fuel or the wastes separated from it. But even with these included the total fuel costs of a nuclear power plant typically are about a third of those for a coal fired plant and between a quarter and a fifth of those for a gas combined cycle plant.
The cost for the enrichment process
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