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The Shining Mountain Essay

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The Shining Mountain
Analysis and characterization The story is about Scottish girl called Pangma-La, named after a shining mountain so she would stand tall and be proud. Pangma-La’s father was a famous mountaineer, so she promised herself that she would never disappoint him. When Pangma-La was tough enough, her father and she went to the shining mountain, to climb it as promised. When they arrived the Sherpa men offered to carry their loads, but they did not need porters. The Sherpa men got angry and told them that the mountain goddess would send them, winds, spindrift snow and avalanches. The father just laughed scornfully. Pangma-La climbed the mountain happily, but after a ...view middle of the document...

The Shining Mountain is a fairytale written by Alison Fell. It is based on a main character, in this case Pangma-La, who faces some difficulties such as following her father’s footprints. The main character faces these three problems, where she is worn out and gets help from the Sherpa woman, and in the end it is because of the father, the Sherpa woman, the goddess, does not give
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back Pangma-La’s heart. The fairytale has a moral, a lesson to learn, which the father has to. The father needs to open his eyes and think what is good on his daughter’s behalf, not on his.

Since the birth of Pangma-La, she has been expected a lot by the father. She is the son he never got, so she has to follow his footprints. The moral of the story is to not put such a heavy burden on your child’s shoulders, thin what is good for your child and not what is good for you. A child should have the choice to become whatever he or she wants to. The father did not know that he had left her such a burden; he was just lost in a fantasy of his daughter becoming a mountaineer like himself. Her future was already decided from birth, when she got named after a shining mountain. The theme of the fairytale is: Growing up. Pangma-La has had the kind of childhood, as I have said, where the parents have had expectations from the birth. The father has had expectations, and Pangma-La is the type of girl who can not disappoint her father, she would never do it. Her joy during her entire youth has been when her father tells her that he is proud...

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