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The Shining Critical Analysis

1800 words - 8 pages

Sarah Nguyen
Professor Suarez
English 1302
24, September 2015

The Shining is a film that leaves many of it’s viewers confused and a little bit angry. There are so many hidden clues and symbolic pieces to this film that leaves most people question what’s going on in Kubricks head. The plot of the story is straight forward, it’s about a family that takes care of a gigantic hotel in Colorado that turns the father insane due to isolation and he eventually tries to kill his family. It sounds like a simple horror film that most people have seen but the meaning behind this film has made people think about what the true meaning of the horror film could be. Bill Blakemore, Juli ...view middle of the document...

There was a lot of invading going on in the film that made me think of the relation to the settlers and the indians. Jack’s family starts off by invading a hotel they have no clue about, the previous care taker Grady invades Jack’s mind into killing his family and the hotel chef Dick invades Danny’s mind and shows him the meaning of ‘The Shine’. One last point that makes the relation to the indians is that the treaty of Jack and Grady was broken when he was locked in the pantry. The staggered Calumet cans were a sign of dishonestly and it makes a lot of sense how Grady confronted Jack about not trying hard enough to kill his wife. It all comes back to the treaty broken with the settlers and the indians when John Smith betrayed all the indians after he gained their trust to survive in the new land.
Next theory that made sense to me was about the nazi’s and Hilter. Geoffrey Cocks first brings up the type writer and how it is a german brand. That brings to my attention that the whole basis of Jack and his family going to the hotel in the first place was for him to be isolated and to write his novel. We can see that he spends most of his time either typing or sitting by his type writer. It was significant to the story because it started as such a pure idea and ended up as the thing that made him snap. Cocks also brings up that the type writer is white at first and changes color to a dark grey by the end of the movie, that to me symbolizes again the purity of why he decided to stay at the hotel at first to his new mission. I agree with this theory because of how much red is put into this film;the red clothes, to the red walls and to ultimately the red of the blood coming out of the elevators. All of the blood that is represented in this film can be tied to all the blood lost from the jews in the holocaust.
John Fell Ryan talks a lot about placement of props and the way the extras are put in the film to tell hidden clues. I personally do not understand where he was going with his theory. He talks a lot about how the shots were going into the distance to blur out to another scene to emphasize on something else. I did not relate to the how the details of such things made an impact on what the plot of the film meant. I assume that the opening credits were just to give a lay of the land to the later things that happen in the film like the maze but Ryan doesn’t talk about a theory. He just points out what is there and how the timing of things make a difference but to what?
There was the theory about Jack living his past life again. He says he knows Lloyd and he knows Grady from some where but there was no given as to where Jack has seen them before. The scene from when he first sees Grady there is a ball going on where everyone is dressed up in 1920’s dresses and Jack seems to just fit right in to it like he’s been there before. This theory of him living the past and reliving it in a dream makes sense, and what ties it all in is the end picture of...

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