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The Shadow Of Pearl Harbor : Political Controversy Over The Surprise Attack, 1941 1946. By Martin V. Melosi

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Book reviewThe following is a book review of The Shadow of Pearl Harbor : Political Controversy over the Surprise Attack, 1941-1946. by MartinV. Melosi.This book actually sparked my interest on the topics. I found his book to be very helpful for my research.MartinV. Melosi, The Shadow of Pearl Harbor : Political Controversy over the Surprise Attack, 1941-1946. College Station , TX : Texas A&M University Press, 1977.Martin Melosi is the author of the book The Shadow of Pearl Harbor : Political Controversy over the Surprise Attack, 1941-1946. Martin Melosi is from San Jose , California . He is a professor of history, the Director of the Institute for Public History, and the Director of Graduate Studies in History at the University of Houston . He is also the author of several books including but not limited to Garbage in the Cities: Refuse, Reform and the Environment, 1880-1980, Urban Public Policy: Historical Modes and Methods, and more recently The Sanitary City. Melosi obtained ...view middle of the document...

The reader might question why an attack would be such a surprise? Why was Pearl Harbor so vulnerable? Questions like these were not answered immediately. Melosi quoted Senator Millard E. Tydings who defended the Roosevelt administration stating that "it is better Americanism not to withhold the truth when it can be told, but to withhold it when it aids our enemies more than it serves our own people." [1] Politicians didn't want to immediately show how successful the attack was or how bad it had impacted the navy. After the attack, public polls showed that U.S. citizens advocated the bombing of Japanese cities. This was due largely to propaganda that followed the attack. Anti- Japanese songs such as "You're a Sap, Mr. Jap" became popular. United States entry into World War II provided an outlet for the intensifying hatred of Japan . On the contrary, according to Melosi, it did not get rid of the sense of insecurity and uncertainty that the December seventh attack caused. The debate over responsibility for the attack and the accountability of the Roosevelt administration took a less important role in the public's eye as patriotism and hatred for the Japanese increased. Melosi, by studying the attack of Pearl Harbor , is also looking at American wartime politics. Some of the same questions posed in that time period were posed following the September Eleventh attacks. Some of the same schemes used to divert the public's attention away from the real issues are still used today. Melosi throughout his book shows how the attack on Pearl Harbor left the administration pointing fingers at each other. Tensions rose between various factions in the government especially between Democrats and Republicans. The nation questioned the leadership of the country. The Secretary of Navy, Secretary of War and the Chief of Staff were accused of with holding information of a possible attack on Pearl Harbor . Melosi's bookoffers incite on the way Americans deal with things at a time of crisis. The reader might be astonished by the likeness of the September Eleventh attacks and The Bush Administration to Pearl Harbor and the Roosevelt Administration after reading this book.BibliographyMartinV. Melosi, The Shadow of Pearl Harbor : Political Controversy over the Surprise Attack, 1941-1946. (College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 1977),

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