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The Servuction Model Essay

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3.2 The servuction model and the analysis in the workplace
During the practical training, the trainee has several opportunities to sit at the front counter. This opportunity has giving by the manager at this organization. When the trainee sit at the front counter to dealing with customers and pick up the phone calls, the trainee realising the organization must give best service to the customers. When the customers receive best services from the organization, it will influence them to come again and give satisfaction to the customers towards the service that been provided by the PPKBB. This situation can be related to what the trainee learn in the classroom which is servuction system.

The Servuction System is used to illustrate factors that influence service experience. The servuction system can be defined as the part of the service organization’s environment that is visible and invisible to and experienced to the customers (Wirtz J, Chew P, Lovelock C, ...view middle of the document...

Each type of interaction can create value. For example are pleasant environment, friendly and competent employees and others customers who are interesting to observe. The interactions also can destroy the value such as when others customers blocking our view in the movie theatre. The organization such as PPKBB itself has to coordinate all interactions to make sure their customers get the service experience they came for (Wirtz J, Chew P, Lovelock C, 2012).

Resource: Wirtz J, Chew P, Lovelock C, 2012
The Servuction system is comprised of two parts which is visible to the customers and the second’s part which is not (invisible). The invisible part is the process element from the extended marketing mix consisting of systems, backroom procedures and the technology or equipment needed to produce the service. In easy word it can be called as technical core. In a restaurant this would involve the ordering of ingredients, the cooking facilities and the procedures involved in preparing the food.The visible part is broken into the inanimate environment (physical evidence), the service providers or the individuals (people) who interact with the customer during the service experience and customers interact with each other. Each of these elements is supported and influenced by the process, much of which may be invisible to the customer.

3.2.1 Inanimate environment
It also can be known as serviscape. Due to the intangibility of services, customers often have trouble evaluating the quality of service objectively. As a result, consumers rely on the physical evidence that surrounds the service to help them for their evaluations. The inanimate environment consists of all the nonliving features that are present during the service encounter.

For example since health care services are intangible, they cannot be objectively evaluated like goods. Hence, in the absence of a tangible product, patients look for tangible clues that surround the service to base service performance evaluations. The physical appearance of the hospital, its' grounds, hallways, elevators, stairwells, patient rooms, public rest rooms, and food facilities enter into the patient's perception of the hospital's overall performance.

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