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The Servant Notes Essay

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You can be great manager and an awful leader and vice versa.
Leadership is about treating the people the way you want to be treated. Be the parent you wish your parents were, be the neighbor you wish your neighbor were
The goal of mankind is knowledge.
Karma in connection with metaphysics means the effects of which our past actions are the causes
To achieve the goal of knowledge in order to become an ideal person
So as to discover our soul in the process of learning
Pleasure is not the goal of man but knowledge
Character is the sum total of the bent of mind
Do good and love good
Actions taken today reflect in the future so it is important to work towards unveiling own ...view middle of the document...

A need is a legitimate physical or psychological requirement for the well being of a human being
Leader should push and encourage the people to become the best they are capable of
Leadership is the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically towards goal identified as being for the common good.
Role of leadership is to serve

As a leader one should serve people by trying to remove the barriers in their legitimate needs and influence them to work enthusiastically towards goal identified as being for the common good.
Intentions + Actions = WILL
Only when actions are aligned with intentions that we become congruent leaders and congruent people.
A good Leader leads people towards self actualization by serving them and trying to remove barriers in their legitimate needs.

Simeon seemed to hang on every word which made me feel valued and important.
Never become defensive when challenged.
When we love others by extending ourselves, we will
Our religion is simply our map our paradigm our belief that answers the difficult existential questions
In the new testament love does not mean feelings but a love of behavior and choice
Love is patient, love is kind
Patience is showing self control
Leaders job is to point out any gaps between the standard that has been set and their performance but it need not be an emotional event
Goal of disciplinary action should be to change or correct the behavior and not to punish
Kindness is paying attention,...

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