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The Search For Healthier Eating At A Better Price

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In the impecunious economy we are living in this current day, we as Americans are looking to cut cost anywhere possible which includes our food budget. Does eating healthy really need to be more expensive? As Pollan aptly stated, “There’s no escaping the fact that better food — measured by taste or nutritional quality (which often correspond) — costs more, because it has been grown or raised less intensively and with more care(Pollan).” While I do agree with Pollan’s statement part of me is left ruminating, are there actions that can be taken to ease the financial sting attributed to eating healthy? Many recent studies are projecting the percent of Americans that suffer from some level ...view middle of the document...

After discovering this fact I looked at a fresh bag of fruit I had just bought from a local farm at a price much higher than I truly felt comfortable paying. I couldn’t help but have a rush of indignation come over me. I felt I had been circumvented by the farmer, much like the homeless person that asks you for change to be able to eat, and you later see them at the store buying liquor. After collecting my thoughts, this matter demanded further investigation, after all this was my tax money funding these subsidies.

First thing I needed was to have a better understanding of the industry of farming, and what kinds of farms there are and the differences between them. The yesteryear visions of a farm have been greatly redefined. I remember envisioning a farm with green pastures that seem to stretch forever surrounded by little wooden fences and a big red barn in the middle with farm animals roaming freely about. While these types of farms that I envision still exist, they only make up a very small portion of the farming community, and are categorized as a small farm. Small farms are the main producers of the fresh healthy foods that are made available to consumers and the amount of pollution is very little to none. When it comes to small farms it is important to point out, although they bring us fresh healthy produce, the amount of jobs they that they create are nowhere in comparison to the amount of workers that are employed by medium and large farms. Nor can they produce the amount of food that larger farms can.
Medium and Large Farms take on a completely different image, large metallic industrial facilities with animals held in tightly close quarters. These Large industrial Farms use “a liquid manure system, which is when the animal's urine and feces are mixed with water and held either under the facility or outside in huge open air lagoons - these manure systems create a lot of pollution (which many times taxpayers end up paying for)(Sustainable).” The practices these farms take have been protested by many environmentalists as unethical and accused of displaying animal cruelty. These are the same facilities that we hear recalls of food from, due to salmonella, and E. coli food poisoning. Large industrial farms or as they are usually called factory farms, have average incomes of $200,000+ and net worth’s of over $2 Million, and is one of the main producers of unhealthy protein-produced foods. While these farms usually produce a lot of income, the workers are usually paid low wages, and the pollution and hazards they produce outweigh the pros.

Now that you have a slightly clearer indication of the differences in the different types of farms and the difference in products they produce, let’s talk about the subsidies that go into these farms. The initial idea of providing subsidies to the farming community is to help struggling family farmers and to insure the future in farming industry and fresh produce being delivered to consumers. The...

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