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The Schools Of Today Essay

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Why Does The Location of School Affect Academic Performance?
Written and Directed by Abigail Torres, Karina De La Rosa,
Virginia Osueke, and Yamileth Maldonado.

Virginia Osueke: The state of Texas faces a big problem with dropout rates. HISD is the largest school district in Houston and is ranked the seventh largest in the nation. HISD has not been able to solve the problem but tries to find ways and strategies to fix it. It is sad that due to the location of a school for example, a school in a low economic area student will perform lower than average because the parents are less educated and students have problems to deal with at home causing them to be absent or they are less ...view middle of the document...

So to to look more into this issue we are going to look at four schools, Evan E Worthing High School, Sharpstown Senior High School, Westside High School, and Michael E. Debakey High School.
Education is a key essential needed in life …. because what we learn in school can determines our future.

Karina De La Rosa:

On September of 2012, PBS broadcasted a documentary called Dropout Nation featuring Sharpstown High School, a school located in southwest Houston. The whole nation probably witnessed the horrible reputation Sharpstown had: Students involved in drugs, students w In Houston, the southwest area has a reputation of having neighborhoods filled with thieves, drug dealers, and gang members. In these neighborhoods, majority of the residents are minorities. Children who live in this area are zoned to Sharpstown High School which has the highest dropout rates within the Houston Independent School District. But, are these stereotypes of the schools located in the southwest area of Houston legitimate? Is it the fault of the Sharpstown parents or is it the lack of interest HISD has in Sharpstown and other schools in the Southwest area?

(Asks questions to person being interviewed from Sharpstown)

In general, Sharpstown High School seems to be pushing themselves to become stronger in academics. In

Worthing High School is in the heart of Sunnyside Texas. With their mission statement as we are passionately committed to producing well rounded students while guiding them t find and reach their potential. They take pride in their community and school saying that they aspire to be the pride of Sunnyside and to live the promise that was made. THey have an enrollment where 100 percent of the students are minority...

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