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The School Of My Dreams Essay

1289 words - 6 pages

2. The period from 1793-1794 in France is referred to as the Reign of _____________
(Glory, Terror, Peace )

3. The Marseillaise was the National Anthem of---------------------
(France, Britian,America )

4. In 1848 ------------------- was finally abolished in the French colonies.
(T axation , Censorship, Slavery )

B) Answer the following in one sentence each: (4)
1. Name any two philosophers who forwarded new ideas in the French Society.
2. Mention any one measure taken by the revolutionary government to improve the life of women in france
3.Which ideas formed themost important legacy of the French Revolution?
4. What was known as the Convention in France ?
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Who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the UN ?
2. What does IMF mean ?
3. What is the function of the UN Security Council ?
C) Give one reason for each of the following: (2)
1. Democracy is better the any other form of Government.
2. Representative democracy is necessary.


Section ‘A’ – 6MKS
Q1 Read the following passage and complete the flow chart given below.Write the answers with their corresponding numbers. Do not draw the flow chart:
Many animals supply man with food. Poultry is bred for their meat or eggs.Pork and beacon come from pigs, mutton and lamb from sheep and steak from specially bred cattle. Many of the materials used to make clothes come from animals .The best example is wool,the natural crinkled hair of sheep . The wool is stretchy and the crinkles in the fibre help to trap air, making woolen garments very warm. Silk is another important animal fibre which can be made into soft ,shiny fabric .Silk is produced in a long unbroken thread,often a kilometer long. It is actually fibre that silkworms use to make their cocoons.
One of the finest quality fibres , which is also called wool,comes from the alpaca, a relative of the camel found in South America. Other animals which supply us with natural fibres are the goats of Kashmir and Tibet, from which we get soft cashmere wool to make sweaters, the angora goat which produces mohair,and the vicura , a camel-like animal.
Food fab

Section ‘B’ (9MKS)
2A. With reference to the text,complete the following in not more than 10 words each: (Do not copy the stem)
1. Once Tommy’s mechanical teacher had been taken for a month because _________________--------------.
2. On a wooden platform Evelyn Glennie removes her shoes so that_____________________.
B. Answer the following questions in about 15-20 words each: (ANY TWO)
1. why did Margie think that school in olden days must have been fun?
2. What has Evelyn accomplished despite her deafness ?
3. How did king Zahir Shah and film producer Vijay Bhatt show their appreciation of Bismillah Khan’s music.
3A. Read the extracts given below and answer each of the questions that follow in a sentence: (2)
1. ‘Long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could’
Where was the poet standing ?

2. ‘You tore the pages of the books ...

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