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The School Of Cheating Essay

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This document contains information on the various factors from the user and the server of a website, and their overall effects on the performance and running of the website. It will include the individual effects of each piece of hardware and what it does to help with the performance of the webpage. The effects of malicious entities like viruses and botnets and how they affect the server and its running.
User side factors that influence web performance
Viruses: If the user’s computer is infected with a virus it is able to reduce the speeds of the internet connection and can overload the processor so it works harder. This then has to calculate the information for the website ...view middle of the document...

Botnets are a problem, these groups of computers are under the control of criminals, each and every computer within the botnet group has been infected, this could have been from a Trojan. Once compromised the victim’s computer is then known as a bot. The criminal at the centre of the operation is also known as a bot herder. Botnets are generally used to commit DOS/DDOS attacks and other tasks such as sending spam emails with malicious code to infect more computers to add to the botnet.
This is a diagram of the running of a botnet.

Image found at:
The best way to cure your computer from a botnet infection is to completely format the hard drive/s.
Phishing is another malicious problem. Phishing is the act of attempting to gain information like usernames and password combinations and billing details. This is done by gaining trust with the victim via communication over the internet. This communication is done through popular social sites. Phishing emails are part of the phishing scam, the phishing emails may contain a hyperlink to a malicious webpage that looks exactly the same as a legitimate website.

Example of a phishing email.

Image found:
Internet speed: The user’s internet speed can drastically affect the times taken to load a website as it affects the amount of data that can arrive at once different connection types have different average speeds for connecting to the web.
There is a varying choice of connection types and speeds that come with it. Here is a list of connection types and their matching speeds.
* Dial-up: >56 Kb/s
* ISDN: 64 Kb/s – 128 Kb/s
* ADSL: 128 Kb/s – 8 Mb/s
* Cable: 512 Kb/s – 20 Mb/s
* Satellite: 1 Mb/s – 16 Mb/s
* Optical fibre: 44 Mb/s – 40 Gb/s
The optical fibre speeds vary on the tier type they are, the different levels of cable each have different operating speeds.
AMD Processor:
AMD Processor:
Processor: If the user’s computer has a low speed for the processor, this will cause the website to take longer to load as the data has to be calculated to form the website on the users screen. If the user is multitasking it will slow down the loading times as well.
Browser: There are many different types of browsers that conform to the same method of interpreting and displaying the code. There is a slight difference in performance from browser to browser.
Cache Memory: The cache memory means that when the user visits a webpage, the browser stores a copy in the temporary internet files, when the user re visits the page the browser loads the cache memory and checks for alterations. The large the cache the quicker the website will load, the negative effect is that it can slow down the user’s computer.
Plugins: Some...

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