The School Environment Essay

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The School Environment

Case High School is located in Sparks, NV. This school is a four-year public high school which serves approximately 2,200 students, making it the largest of the comprehensive high schools in the district. Reed High school had been accredited continuously by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. There are many environmental and contextual factors that effect Case High School as well as the community needs surrounding the school.
Community Facts
The city of Sparks was chartered in 1906. . This city is located in Washoe County, Nevada and was established in 1905 and sits just east of Reno. The most recent census states the population to be 90,264. It is ...view middle of the document...

Dedicated staff members can diminish the interruptions. A teacher who is very organized with their content and lesson plans will easily catch a student up on any work they have missed. They will have worksheets available, welcome letters for new students entering at any time during the semester, seating charts for easy identification and keep in contact with parents if there is any concerns. The administrator’s support the teachers by making sure that new students grades are transferred quickly and efficiently, updating teachers on the student’s backgrounds and letting teachers know if and when the student withdraws from a class. Often teachers are not told what happened to a student when they withdraw from a school; that student will just “disappear” from the attendance roster. Reed High School has helped teachers stay abreast of their students by sending out daily reports of student withdrawals and admissions. The report describes who has withdrawn from the school and where they went as well as any new students and where they are coming from. This report helps inform teachers of important changes in the school community.
School Schedule
The school year is 180 days in length. The year is made up of two semesters, eighteen weeks each, or four nine week quarters. Case High School has recently changed from a rotating block schedule to a full 7 period, 50 min. schedule every day. Students now have seven classes a day. This is much different from previous years. Previously they meet with only four classes per day, on a rotating schedule with every period lasting 73 minutes in length. There were three 7 minute passing breaks and a 42 minute lunch. There was a 25 min. Enrichment period, 4 days a week, where students would get needed information and have time for homework completion. During the 2013-2014 school year they changed the schedule. Now students have 7 classes and attend each one every day. This is a huge change. Classes are shorter, only 50 minutes instead of 73. They shortened the passing time between classes to only 5 minutes and took away the Enrichment classes. These were a lot of changes to make in one year. The students have less time to get to class, more classes in a day, less time to do homework and more classes on their schedule.
These changes were not highly accepted by students and have overwhelmed teachers as well. Teachers were told they could vote on the schedule choice out of a list of several options. They took into consideration everyone’s input. However, one item that was not up for vote was adding another class onto the school day. That was a requirement passed down from the district. This addition was due to the number of students not passing high school because of credit deficiencies. Now students have more opportunities to get credits with more classes offered. However, this a greater daily work load for both students and teachers. The shortened passing times have both teachers and student literally running to...

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