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The Schlieffen Plan And Its Revision

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The Schlieffen Plan and Its Revision

Dear Helmuth von Moltke,
I am writing to you on this date of January 12th, 1913 for a very valid reason. I have heard of the predicament you may soon find yourself in, dealing with the threat of attacks by two fronts at once, and feel a major concern on your hands. I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to you, as I too am a very predominant war leader. My name is Patrick Frederick Hunder*. I have studied under Frederick the Great, who you may know, was one of the most famous leaders of Germany, and remains one of the most famous German rulers of all time for his military successes and his domestic reforms that made Prussia one of the ...view middle of the document...

There is a flaw I am foreseeing though. While contemplating you're past actions, and the battle you are about to enter, I urge you to stick to his plan. While diagramming out the actions that Schlieffen had proposed, I feel that the care he put into this is well thought out.

I am under the impression that you have been given the duty of revising this plan to meet modern conditions, but you must realize the importance of keeping his basic principles the way he has them stated. As you know, you will soon be faced with attacking France with your troops. What Schlieffen has proposed in this situation is to remain on the defensive. By doing this, you are guaranteeing yourself enough of a grasp on their troops, and you soon should be able to reach Paris for the takeover. This will be a crucial part of your left wing strategy. If you do otherwise, you may find yourself no longer being in control, especially if you lose touch with any of your generals. This should be your major concern in a situation like this. If you take your battle with France on to their territory too fast by taking the offensive, you are running a greater risk of not having the power of your troops to fully gain access to Paris. You must consider for a moment what might happen if you were to lose control of your troops, due to putting them on the offensive too soon. If the battle were to end up on French Territory, you may run the risk of requiring more troops to help your advancement. If this were to happen, you would then lose some of your major power that you are going to use against Russia.

This also leads me to my view on the order in which you will choose to attack. If you view Schlieffen's plan in an overview, he believes that your first attack shall be against Russian troops. As I have aforementioned, I find that he is very conscious of what he believes to be right, but I feel that he may be mistaken in this regard. Under the present conditions, with France's new barriers they have set up, and their military position, I feel you may make a very conscious attack against France first, thus getting an early defeat against France by capturing Paris, and this will lead you to only having to then face a one front attack against Russia now. The essential part of this idea is that you control your attacks though, especially as mentioned before, you must keep your troops under control, as this plan shall diagram out. Once you have thoroughly crippled the French troops, your right wing battles with Russia will be what will stand in your way. In consideration of the time it...

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